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Selecting The Appropriate Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights

If you don’t want to go the native way of fixing exterior wall lights, hung flush and semi-flush lights are other welcoming alternatives. Instances of these suited locations are your patio, veranda, porch, garage, or walkway.

Aside from their affordability, this duo is distinguished by aesthetics and lighting optimization.

Selecting The Appropriate Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights
Selecting The Appropriate Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights

What Are Flush and Semi-Flush Mount Lights?

A flush mount is a lighting fixture with little to no spacing from the ceiling, giving more overhead clearance. Since there is no overlay of functions for this category, they are perfect for places with a minimum of eight-foot and a maximum of the ten-foot ceiling.

Usually, they’re of different shapes: circles, squares, rectangles, and ovals. Although most flush mount lights moderately blend with décor, you can still find a type that suits your outdoor style.

Semi-flush is slightly suspended from the ceiling, leaving a few inches gap between its body and the roof. A stem, usually a short chain or rod, holds it up in the room, giving the semblance of a pendant light without being too low.

Unlike flush mounts, semi-flush fixtures are manufactured in several ornate styles, which makes them a good fit for your exterior. However, it’s still possible to get the not-so-flashy or minimal types.

The average breadth of each of these lamps is 13 inches. Other varieties are also within the 12 to 24 inches across all styles, shades, and finishes.

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Choice Tips

Are you planning to remodel your exterior with a new set of designer lighting fixtures? Here are the guides if you’re considering flush or semi-flush mount lamps.

Note your desired style and purpose

The style sometimes is vital to the purpose of use. In the flush and semi-flush lighting market, you can’t go wrong with decorative features. From modern to traditional, classic, and retro, there is all you can imagine.

If you’re a sucker for details, semi-flush helps to strike that balance between operational functions and style in your outdoors. You can opt for features that match your wall color or blend with the environment, giving refreshing glows.

Determine a preferred size

The size of your selection counts irrespective of where you’d like to install your lights. Whether it’s your backyard, exterior kitchen, or deck area, the size must match up properly for an ideal brightness performance.

Don’t forget the height

The height of the ceiling matters in your consideration. Thankfully, there are practical directives for choosing fitting fixtures for different vertical lengths. For example, if your ceiling is below 20cm or 90 inches, a flush mount will make a better choice.

For semi-flush fixtures, heights above 25cm wouldn’t provide an optimal function for your installation. In those cases, you can opt for pendants or chandeliers.

Pick complementary bulbs

Your bulb selection should suit your illumination demands. There are numerous options to navigate through that are cost-efficient with good benefits. Examples are LEDs, fluorescents, halogens, and incandescent.

Try modifying

Here is where you decide to put some extra icing on the cake. It might involve incorporating additional beautifiers to provide a more appealing exterior ambiance. Other alternatives could be automated controls for distinct displays during the day and night.

Deciding on exterior lighting fixtures can be a little tricky. That’s because there are several surrounding items to consider aside from use. To ease brain work, you can hire a professional for recommendations.