A television unit is a basic appliance in any home, given that it’s a staple in entertainment and living rooms.

Some people find it difficult to design around them, but there are ways around that.

As long as you choose a TV unit design that matches your space, you can use it to enhance your existing aesthetics.

image - 12 Best TV Unit Designs for Your Living Room

12 Best TV Unit Designs for Your Living Room

There are so many ways that you can spruce up your TV—whether you want it hanged, mounted, or just on top of a stylish shelf.

However, before coming up with a design theme for your TV unit, consider taking its measurements first. Refer to this TV size guide to get your gadget’s dimensions.

Without further ado, here are the best tv unit design ideas to spruce up your living room.

1. Upcycle Your Wooden Pallet

There’s probably a stack of wooden pallets lying around your home, especially if you’ve recently had major appliances shipped.

Show your love for the environment and demonstrate your do-it-yourself skills by turning wooden pallets into a wall mount, which is one of the most popular ways to decorate around a TV unit.

2. Mount It on A Photo Wall

There’s no better way to showcase your fun memories than by creating a photo wall around the television unit.

This way, the wall becomes a focal point for the room—whether the appliance is turned on or off.

3. Choose A Design with Ample Space for TV and Storage

Storage is an essential function in every home. Apart from placing your unit on top of a TV rack with ample storage, consider placing generously sized cabinets on each side or around your appliance.

With this, you no longer need to have bulky cabinets towering over your living room.

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4. Surround It with Floating Shelves

If you have a wide empty wall in your living room, you can buy RJ’s TV units and entertainment units in Australia to mount your unit on.

Consider placing floating shelves around the TV to double as decorative spaces. Place the entertainment unit safely on these shelves or on a TV rack.

5. Mix Work and Entertainment

When working from home, maintaining a good work-life balance dictates that your bedroom should only be used for sleeping and intimate moments.

You can move your work setup to the living room by placing a work desk across your mounted TV unit.

6. Place It on A Display Cabinet

Mount your TV unit on a display cabinet with sliding doors so you can add a layer of protection.

Just slide the doors open if it’s movie night, and close them if you want to accentuate your living room decor.

7. Use Contrasting Colors

When it comes to design colors, some people prefer light and neutral colors, while some prefer dark hues.

To appeal to both tastes, consider playing with contrasting colors to design your TV unit.

Although a black and white motif easily comes to mind, you can use other colors that appeal to you, of course.

8. …Or Stick with Light Hues

Keeping it simple could mean opting for neutral colors for the area where you’ll place your television unit.

Beige, mocha, khaki, and gray are the most appealing choices to most. Doing this can put the spotlight on your appliance, which is perfect for when you have a good-looking TV set.

9. Minimalism Rules

You don’t need bold colors and quirky designs to make your TV unit look elegant. Mounting your TV straight on your wall will do.

Don’t forget to add a few lines and colors to avoid making the space look too dry.

  1. Play With Textures and Finishes

Consider buying wallpaper with an interesting texture like bricks, or have a professional create a wall with a marble finish.

A bit of adventure won’t kill you, so consider placing stone bricks or bamboo around your TV set for a more interesting touch.

11. How About Some Patterns?

Apart from textures and finishes, it pays to explore different patterns that go best with your preference.

Have your favorite decorator create a wooden wall mount with interesting patterns and accents.

Gold accents seem to be a very popular choice. Herringbone, weave, and bricks are the most preferred patterns on walls and floors alike.

12. Mind What’s Below Your TV

Mounting a television set doesn’t stop you from sprucing up the area below it. Place a small vase, a few photo frames, or plants on the space below your device.

Some homeowners even hang their TV set above the fireplace in the living room. This creates a cozier feel, especially when you can’t do anything but watch TV during the harsh, cold winter months.

The Bottom Line

There’s virtually no limit when it comes to designing your television unit. This means that you can play with colors, textures, finishes, and accents, as well as unique materials to make your TV look elegant, modern, chic, or functional.

Before planning your design, make sure it goes with your home’s overall theme and that you have enough to spend on the necessary upgrade.