In this post, I am writing about how you can avoid falling into the trap of scams when choosing an Excavation for your construction needs, archaeological discoveries, or other needs.

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image - How To Hire the Best Excavator for Your Needs

How To Hire the Best Excavator for Your Needs

These are things you can do in no particular order and also feel free to let me know if you have a different approach from the one you will find below.

Excavation is a Dangerous Job

Things could take a turn for the worse if care is not taken. This is why you have to hire an excavating contractor with several years of relevant experience.

It is important to hire someone who’s not new to the job you’re doing, it is not enough to hire just any excavator.

Beyond your assessment of the company, doing your due diligence to discern if the crew members are experienced is also a plus.

Trust me, the last thing you’d want to experience is a team of excavators who can’t function in the absence of their leader.

Ask Your Trusted Allies

to ease your hiring process, it pays to ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues, and even competitors.

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What Are Other People Saying Online

If there is anything else you’d like to thank the internet for, it should be that it has globalized the world and has opened the eyes of the public to activities of various entities even against their wishes.

Google search for reviews of other people on doing business with your prospective excavator and take note of what they had to say.

Certifications and Licensing

You have to check if your shortlisted candidates for excavation have certifications from trusted bodies and licensing to practice, particularly from the State.

Excavation is a risky job that one without the proper training may fail at.

Insurance Cover

The possibility of accidents during excavation is very high. It is a risky job, infrastructures may get damaged, and even people can get injured.

So it pays to hire a contractor who has sufficient insurance cover to cater for such scenarios if it happens at all.

Standard Equipment

there is no single machine for all types of excavation. An Excavator must possess the right type of equipment to deliver an excellent job.

Before hiring a contractor, you must verify that he has access to all that’ll be needed to deliver timely and quality service.


This should be the last yardstick for determining which contractor to hire. True, cheap is good but in excavation, this is not always true, in fact, most times it isn’t true.

A cheap price could imply a substandard service delivery or an excavator without the needed experience to navigate the job.

To ensure you have the best experience, know that cheap prices aren’t always the best.