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Mattresses: Expectations vs Reality

When you search for a new mattress, you may have in mind the type you see on television in adverts. The type that looks firm but promises great comfort.

The sort that is shown in a print advert with a happy contented sleeper on top. Unfortunately, not all mattresses are made alike.

The reality is that if you do not put some research into your potential purchases, you could end up with something totally unsuitable for your needs.

You could buy a poor-quality mattress that is uncomfortable, or you may purchase a good mattress that just doesn’t suit your sleeping style.

image - Mattresses: Expectations vs Reality
Mattresses: Expectations vs Reality

This doesn’t mean that you should persevere with an old mattress though. The Sleep Foundation recommends that you change your mattress every 6 – 8 years.

The question now is, how can you make your new mattress fit your expectations?

Why do you Need to Change Mattresses?

It is important to have a comfortable night’s sleep to be able to fully function at work in daily life.

Once a mattress starts to fail it will inevitably lead to sagging, dips, and springs can become noisy.

You may also start to notice some differences in your general health as your mattress gets older.

Allergies can worsen as dust mites and allergens build up in a mattress, or you might start to suffer back pain as the support goes away.

The University of Utah reports that sleep expert, Dr. Chua, believes a good mattress should give the same support to the spine lying down as you have when you are standing up.

If a mattress can no longer help you here or if it wasn’t fit for purpose when purchase, you should consider a new one.

How do you Find the Right Mattress?

When you are looking to make your expectations match reality, you will need to do a little research and analysis.

There are more things to consider when buying a mattress than you may have realized.

Take into account the following when shopping for a new mattress:

  • Size of your bed
  • Check with your doctor
  • Materials used
  • Comfort and firmness
  • Warranty
  • Gimmicks
  • Trial periods
  • Check the internet

Two things you really should consider before buying are your sleeping position, and trial periods and returns.

The way different mattresses are made means that some suit some people but not others depending on how they sleep.

Also, even if a mattress comes highly recommended, it may not work for you, so a trial period is very valuable.

When comparing mattresses, checking the internet can really help. Read recommendations from bestmattressaustralia and other websites that score mattresses. This can help with cutting down your choices.

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What Type of Mattress to Buy for Sleeping Styles?

So, you have seen an advert for a beautiful looking mattress from ‘X’ manufacturer, and you have decided this is the one for you.

Your expectations may be destroyed if you don’t consider how the mattress is made and for who it was intended.

There are a number of ways that mattresses are made, and these include the following:

Memory Foam

This type is designed to soften with body warmth and fit your body shape. Best for side sleepers.

Latex Foam

This type of mattress is a comfortable, eco-friendly option. Not good in hotter climes. Best for back sleepers.

Air Mattresses

These are often adjustable to suit a couple’s different sleeping habits, but they are expensive. Can be good for stomach and back sleepers.


Traditional style mattresses have been around for over 160 years. Affordable but can collect dust and allergens. An affordable all-rounder with some drawbacks.

Pocket Coil

A quieter, more breathable, but more expensive version of the traditional mattress. Good for combination sleepers.


Perhaps the best choice for many and good for most stomach sleepers. Best for all types of sleepers.

Of course, your choice may come down to more than just this. If you have no space then you might have to choose something more convenient.

When looking at how to make more space in the bedroom you may need to choose a futon or pull-out bed.

Making Expectation Match Reality

Buying the right mattress is only part of how to make your bedroom cozier. You also need to look after it if you want it to meet all your expectations.

Rotate your mattress from one end to the other regularly for the first few months. After that, once every six months should help to avoid any lumps developing.

Use baking soda to remove strong odors, vacuum to remove dust, and avoid moisture so that mold doesn’t grow.

Also, try not to sit in one particular place all the time, as this can cause dents.


A good mattress will easily meet your expectations, as long as you do some research and choose the right one.

Once you have that installed in your room, treat it with care and it will last you for years and look just like the ones in the adverts.