Featured of Three Types of Latex Mattresses Available in the Market Today

Three Types of Latex Mattresses Available in the Market Today

Do you want to purchase a latex mattress? If yes, then the selection might be slightly awkward for you. It is because latex is one of the most difficult mattress types that you can research on.

It is because latex is very less common in the memory foam mattresses. Also, there are several qualities for customers to consider. Hence, before you decide to purchase a latex bed, it is a smart call to know about the fundamental features of this mattress.

Three Types of Latex Mattresses Available in the Market Today

Three Types of Latex Mattresses Available in the Market Today

Understanding the Basics for Shopping a Latex Mattress

A mattress type determines your sleep quality. Latex mattresses come with a unique set of qualities and features that you need to know. Today, various technologies get used to manufacture this mattress type that provides it firmness which enables a person to relax while sleeping.

Before opting in for a latex mattress, you need to know the types available. After that, you can opt-in for a discount coupon as you purchase the mattress to add to your savings. The three basic types are as follows:

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  1. Synthetic Latex Mattress

It is a man-made material, which is also known as styrene-butadiene rubber. The mattress gets made by using petroleum-based ingredients. Sometimes it even gets blended with polyurethane. Also, synthetic latex can be cheap to produce. The quality of the mattress is consistent. However, natural latex seems to have superior quality than this one.

  1. Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex is obtained from the latex tree. The material gets sourced from the living trees, which develops an Eco-friendly and sustainable product. Natural latex is very durable, and it also helps to produce resilient but supportive foam. However, sometimes this type of mattress might be costly to produce. Also, the Global Organic Latex Standard certifies the quality of the natural latex.

  1. Blended Latex Mattress

As the name suggests, this is a mix of both synthetic and natural latex. It contains 70% synthetic and 30% natural latex. The blended latex is one of the most common materials, and it also gets referred to as “natural” as time. However, not all of it is 100% natural. Regarding the price, it has an average price range.

Once you are aware of the three basic types of latex mattress, you will be able to decide better for yourself! However, when you are selecting a latex mattress, you also need to assess the firmness of the mattress.

Simply put, the latex mattresses usually have certain specifications related to stability than the other mattress types. And the evaluation unit is known as indentation load deflection that is ILD. Furthermore, this number indicates the pounds that have needed to compress a specific foam sample by 25%. The low numbers indicate the soft foams, and the high numbers denote the firm foams.

The majority of the mattress comes between the firm and super firm range! However, the upper layers sometimes can range between the soft to firm quality for various total feel. It is essential to consider the ILD’s of all the layers when you are outlining the latex mattress firmness. When you have decided to purchase a latex mattress, keeping these essential aspects in mind can help you make the best choice.

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