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Benefits to Wall Mounting Your TV – Why Mount on Walls

Getting a new TV in your home can be very exciting. Once the package arrives, you want to see how much the picture quality will differ from your older TV, so you’re in a hurry to set it up.

During setup, many people often have difficulties choosing the best option to get the most out of the TV.

image - Benefits to Wall Mounting Your TV – Why Mount on Walls
Benefits to Wall Mounting Your TV – Why Mount on Walls

You often have to choose from options such as using a TV stand, a wall mount, or an entertainment center. One of the cheaper options is the TV wall mount. In addition to its low cost, it is also easy to install.

This article provides information on some of the benefits of using a TV wall mount in your home.

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Safety is a priority when making most decisions. With your TV, you need to pay more attention to safety if you have children or pets in your home. Many people often wonder if it is safe to mount their TVs.

Using a TV wall mount is safe, as long as you use the right wall mount/bracket. Different wall mounts have a design specification that includes the maximum weight they can hold.

If you purchase a new TV, you will likely have a TV with lightweight.

You can find lots of wall mounts that support up to 125 lbs. or more here. Securing the bolts tightly to the wall is also crucial to prevent the TVs from falling off the wall.

On the other hand, choosing a TV stand or entertainment center may not be as safe. With a TV stand, there is the possibility of your kids, pets, or any other individual bumping into the surface on which you place the TV.

This can cause the TV to fall off the stand. In some cases, someone may accidentally pull the TV wires. In the case of an entertainment center, you may have your kids climbing onto the furniture.

This can result in the furniture falling over. The size and weight of this furniture can make it very dangerous if it falls on your pet, child, or any other person.

It Saves Space

There are different ways through which you can save space in your home when using a TV wall mount.

Consider a house with a fireplace in the living room. If there is a need to set up an entertainment center, then there must be another wall dedicated to this purpose.

On the other hand, you can mount your TV above the fireplace with a wall mount. This saves you both space and money. The extra space gives room for individuals to add coffee tables and couches with space for walking.

It Doesn’t Limit Viewing Angle or Height

As long as you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can get a mount that offers excellent mobility. These mounts provide both a swivel and tilt functionality that allows users to adjust the height and the angle of the TV.

If you want to eliminate glare and minimize the effect of sunlight from your window, then these TV stands can help. Many people also enjoy watching the TV from the kitchen, so having a swivel feature will be a huge plus.

Another massive benefit of the adjustable viewing angle and height is to help minimize the neck and eye strain of the viewers.

It Helps with Cable Clutter

Using a TV mount usually gives you an easy means to deal with cable clutter. How? This is because these mounts don’t come with any form of storage space.

As a result, many individuals opt for HDMI wired outlets to connect other devices to the TV. These devices can be placed on a component console away from the TV to prevent clutter.

This prevents wires from hanging down the back of the TV and creating a mess. With this, you can avoid accidents and damage to the TV from kids or pets running around the home.

Common Questions About TV Mounts

Should I Mount a Flat Screen TV?

Yes, you should. These TVs are designed to be mounted. This is why many people choose to mount their TVs.

If you take the time to examine the back of your flat-screen TV, you will notice that there are several holes at the back. These are mounting holes made by the TV manufacturer.

The holes are made in such a way that you can get the optimal viewing angle when you decide to mount your TV. They also follow a standard – the VESA standard – that makes it possible for you to use any mount with the TV.

Do TV Wall Mounts Result in Neck or Eye Strain?

Many people avoid wall mounts because they assume the viewing angle will be an issue. Contrary to what many individuals think, wall mounts offer excellent viewing angles, and they can be adjusted after mounting.

This is possible with the full-motion mounts, these not only help against neck strain but are also useful during the day.

In homes with open floor plans, glare from the sun can be an issue. The opportunity to adjust the viewing angle can prevent the glare from interfering with your viewing.

Can You Mount a TV on Your Own?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, you need to be very careful when doing so. You don’t want the TV to fall off after mounting, and you also don’t want it to be at the wrong angle.

If you do decide to mount it on your own, make sure you turn off the electricity in your home. This will keep you safe in case you drill into an electric wire. When installing, make sure you use a stud to prevent the TV from falling off.

Depending on the size of your TV, having someone to help is necessary. It is easy to drop a TV once you lift, but additional help can prevent this.

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