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Bathroom TV: Installation Guide

Having a bathroom TV can be the most fulfilling decision you ever have to make, especially if you have some TV series or show that you can’t seem to stop watching.

Bathrooms may not seem to be the most obvious rooms to have extra TVs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an extra screen in there. If anything, it will be an investment of your life.

Bathroom TV Installation Guide
Bathroom TV

Bathroom TVs are fast-gaining traction and trending. Plus, what’s not to like in having your own bathroom TV? Also, it can always double back as your Bathroom TV Mirror.

Imagine yourself relaxing in your bathtub full of bubbles and warm water with a glass of something chilled watching your favorite series. Nothing can beat that feeling.

Bathroom TV Installation Guide

You can now say goodbye to the hours you have to wait from the baths to resume your shows and programs. Makes you think about wanting to have your own bathroom TV installed ASAP, right? If you get and understand the appeal of having a bathroom TV, then there isn’t much thought you’ll have to put into it.

All you need is a proper installation guide to help you set up your TV in your bathroom. Read on and find out how to do just that.

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Safety First

Before you even think about purchasing a bathroom TV, you must, first, consider the safety precautions necessary for it. Installing any electrical appliance in the bathroom requires that you be very careful. You don’t want to mess up anything which can lead to a grievance accident during the installation process or later on.

Also, ensure that you only shop for the bathroom TV that meets the industry standard waterproof classifications and European safety regulations. By this, we mean that you cannot just put a standard TV into your bathroom. It will not be able to withstand the moisture or the steam.

Many people aren’t aware that waterproof bathroom TVs exist. Well, know this today. Bathroom TVs have extra waterproofing features that the standard TV sets don’t have. And that’s why they are best suited for bathroom environments.

You can even shop for anti-fogging screens if that’s the feature you are rooting for. Plus, there are also the bathroom TVs that are embedded in mirrors. Thus, the Bathroom TV Mirror. When you switch such TVs off, they disappear from view and offer a more minimalistic view of your bathroom. TVs that are IP65 compliant are also protected against water jets which are assuring to know especially in bathroom situations.

Location, Location, Location

After deciding that you need to have a bathroom TV, your next step is to figure out where to install it. In theory, you can install bathroom TVs almost anywhere in your bathrooms. After all, the water and moisture won’t affect them or their functionalities. At least if you exempt putting them inside your showers or bath.

Most homeowners prefer to install their bathroom TVs on the wall at the end of their baths and for obvious reasons. However, that’s not always the only great option to go for. Bathroom TV models that have mirror options are even best for multitasking.

What matters here is where you want to view your bathroom TV. Maybe the tab provides you with the perfect viewing point, especially during long soaks. Otherwise, most people go for viewing options from the showers when they want to look up the weather while showering in the morning.

Troubleshooting Tips

At this stage, you need to note all the main issues that you may face when choosing the best bathroom TV. For such a high-humidity area, you must consider buying a mist-proof model. Also, you want to make sure that the remote control is also waterproof to prevent moisture and water from compromising it.

Next, you also need to decide whether you want an in-wall or on-wall TV installation. In-wall installations require that you fit your bathroom TV into your actual bathroom wall. You will have to cut into your wall and fit the TV inside it. Not to mention, also have to touch up your tiling and seal the glass using a silicone sealant.

For the on-wall TV installations, you will need to fit a TV wall mount that fits the VESA fixing holes on your TV. You can then directly attach the TV onto your wall without having to cut into it. However, whichever option you choose, it is prudent that you follow proper installation instructions.

If you are not sure about the installation process, then you need to hire a qualified electrician of TV installation professional to have the work done for you.

  1. It is crucial that you be around to select the best viewing position that you want the TV in before you make any hole in the wall. Also, ensure that you leave enough room for the TV cables.
  2. Unscrew your TV unit and connect the wires and cables as required then replace the cover before inserting all the cables into the bathroom wall below the TV.
  3. Next, you need to fix the TVs mounting plate in place so that you can attach your TV. Ensure that your TV works properly before you fit it into the mounting plate. Afterward, you can then seal the TV screen using clear-mold-resistant silicon.
  4. Then, allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before its first use.

Also, you might want to consider getting a smart bathroom TV instead of the digital one. This will allow you to stream all your favorite box sets easily. Cable TV can be quite expensive especially if you watch from many different channels with different pay premiums.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom TVs are quickly becoming a thing that families love. Gone are the days when you had to stick to music in the bathrooms or have to pause your favorite TV shows and films while in the bathrooms.

Now, you can sit back in your bathtubs, get comfortable and relax for hours while watching your favorite shows without much stress. Get your bathroom TV today hand you will be grateful at what an excellent investment it is.

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