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Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

Home decorating is one of the fun ways to maintain a nice abode. Regularly decorating your home means giving it a fresher look.

Home decorating includes finding the right pillows, choosing the perfect colors, selecting the appropriate textures and patterns that suit your home.

Do's and Don'ts of Home Decorating
Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

Decorating your home requires creativity, practicality, and good research skills to get the best finds in the market.

Whether you are a learned designer or a beginner in home decorating, it is a must that you must know the basics of home decorating and avoid unglamorous situations in keeping your home presentable and comfortable.

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decorating

Here are some helpful tips you must put in mind in decorating your home.

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Do: Use Three Colors

In home decorating, the use of color is vital in giving your home an impressive look. The general rule is to use at least three colors, with one being the anchor, or the neutral color, and two colors as accent shades, usually in brighter colors.

Meanwhile, the anchor color provides the decorator a canvas to work on. The accent shades, on the other hand, bring personality to your home. By limiting the number of colors, the rooms have more depth and look more interesting.

Painting your home anew is one of the common ways to give your home a newer look. It includes repainting your doors with bolder shades to give it an exquisite look. If your home is full of good moldings, a fresh coat of paint can bring the best out of the details.

Do: Employ Personal Touch

A beautiful home is not measured by its embellishments and furniture. The beauty lies in the personality of the home and how it is manifested inside your home.

A home should at least show some of the things that keep the family members together or their common interests.

If your family is a bunch of bookworms, a designated bookshelf should be one of the highlights of the home. If your family loves traveling, stringing together travel photos is a good idea for your house decorations.

A family of achievers can place all their certifications, medals, and trophies in one special place inside their home. If you want to take things up a notch, use a display case to provide a more designated space for your family’s achievements.

Another great idea is to have a timeline of photos from the time of marriage to the birth of children and their growing years may be placed in the living room.

The point is that you should never lose the personal touch in decorating your home. A house is not a home without apparent love and affection of its dwellers, and showing unity and care for family members can be best shown through home decorations that bind all the household members together.

Do: Illuminate Your Home with Sufficient Light

Another great option is playing with lights. There are different varieties of lighting products available, and purchasing them depends on your particular intention.

The use of string and fairy lights in your bedroom is a good example of illuminating your room. Using coastal lighting is a lighting option that is enjoying growing popularity today.

Table lamps and floor lamps give a cozy atmosphere in your room. Lights may consume a significant amount of electricity, but using LED lights is environmentally friendly and saves energy.

Do Not: Buy Too Many Pillows

Risking a pillow pileup is certainly not a good idea. While pillows make the living room look more comfortable, the rule is that they should not take up seating space.

This means that the number of pillows to be placed in the furniture should be limited to allow you to sit comfortably.

Pillow overload defeats the purpose of designing your sofa to be the best place for you to sit and relax. Having pillows that are too poofy is highly discouraged as well.

Do Not: Display Too Many Objects

It is an important home-decorating rule not to display too many objects. Minimalism is well-accepted in decorating homes in recent years.

While you may channel the inner collector in you, such as displaying your favorite antique items or your collection of delicate figurines, having too many of them will not look classy and impressive as it should be.

In some beautiful homes, owners simply emphasize a few high-value items on display in certain designated places instead of putting everything in one place to add interest in every corner of the home.

You can top these things with little pieces of memorabilia, such as your wedding photos or quirky wedding caricatures, to make it feel more personal.

Happy Decorating!

Almost every person strives to have a better home, and that includes making it look nicer for yourself and for your visitors.

There are basic home-decorating rules you need to consider to achieve the best look for your home. Never forget to have fun and be creative in decorating your home.

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