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Learn the Basics of Choosing Reliable Storage and Moving Company

Better job opportunities and comfort are the two major factors when it comes to changing homes in and around the neighborhood or across state lines and cities for many individuals living in the U.S. Hiring a quality service when it comes to storage and moving is essential.

Learn the Basics of Choosing Reliable Storage and Moving Company
Learn the Basics of Choosing Reliable Storage and Moving Company

Choosing Reliable Storage and Moving Company

With the internet being rife with shoddy practices, here is your chance to learn the basics of choosing reliable storage and moving company. If you are well informed every step of the way, you can achieve the miracle of a smooth sailing when it comes to moving your base. Click here to get a free quote today!

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Any reputable storage and the moving firm will take stock of all your possession and belongings to calculate for the logistics and estimate a price quotation for the move. The pricing is directly proportional to the bulk which determines the truck space and weight of all the materials combined.

Communication with the estimator is advised to better understand the pricing protocol of the mover and the accuracy of the estimate. A thorough walk-through while making the estimate is extremely important as you might not be taking all your current possession to the new place.

Payment Options

The payment protocol for a reputable mover is upfront and usually after delivery of the goods to the destination. A cash deposit before the move is a strict no! It is a safer option of pay up after the delivery to avoid loss and theft of valuable possessions.

Using a credit card to pay is also a great idea as this negates the possibility of fraudulent charges and you have the option of “cashback” in case things go wrong. You must also remember never to sign a blank moving contract. Only sign after all the possessions is listed and accounted for with respect to the price. A binding estimate is what you should look for, which won’t exceed the estimate once the move is completed.

Investing in a Local Mover

Ensuring that the storage and the moving firm is a local one is beneficial as you would know the office address of the company. A few shoddy practices want to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau, and thus they might operate under a variety of names with no permanent office address. Avoid such duplicitous firms at all costs.

Additionally, you can search for the company’s state and federal license numbers along with the prior history through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


References can be your friend when it comes to selecting a reputable firm. Your friends and family might recommend you a company they have had prior experience with. You can also check user reviews and ratings through the American Moving and Storage Association and the State Association of Movers. You can call up your moving company and ask for phone numbers of their last 3 employers and ask for a direct reference and review of the firm.


Charges are generally levied from the packing to the delivery at the destination. However, you can do the packing on your own to avoid extra charges on the packing materials and labor. If your mover is doing the packing for you, you have the right to ask about his experience as this would prevent loss, damage, and theft of your precious articles. The price can also skyrocket if there are stairs and narrow alleys to negotiate at the new place.

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