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Commercial Renovations: 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Commercial Building

Whether you’re joining one of the 30 million small businesses in America or looking to renovate a commercial space that you’ve owned for several years, you shouldn’t go into the process blind.

Not knowing important information like hiring qualified contractors or creating an unrealistic schedule can lead to an expensive process getting completed in a poor manner.

image - Commercial Renovations 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Commercial Building
Commercial Renovations 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Commercial Building

Don’t fret, as we’ll list the top five tips for commercial renovations that you can’t skip out on.

1. Hire Qualified Contractors

The first thing you need to do when doing renovations is to hire general contractors and get the right building permits.

These renovations are going to display to your customers how much you care about your business, so hiring contractors that do shotty jobs can leave your business looking worse off than before.

2. Set a Realistic Budget and Timeframe

Whatever number you tell yourself for the budget, keep an extra 10% above that aside in the event something happens. Whether that be something related to timeframes or damage that went unseen.

Don’t rush these jobs either. While it may be unpleasant to look at during construction, the finished job and not being rushed can make the renovations better than ever.

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3. Determine Why You’re Renovating

While this seems silly, many business owners will start renovating with no clear purpose insight. This leads to changes that negatively impact the business, rather than being helpful.

Decide why you’re doing the renovations, whether that be for aesthetics of the business or for damage repair.

4. Check for Credits and Grants

The Small Business Administration (SBA) lists resources that you can look for in terms of grants and tax credits. America runs on small, family-owned businesses and the government wants to help where possible.

Aim to utilize these grants and credits to minimize the blow to your pocket.

5.Match Your Space with Your Brand

Don’t go crazy with the latest and greatest options on the market when it comes to your renovations. For instance, dark wood flooring is the new kid on the block.

But if you run a space that features a lot of color and spunk, the dark wood flooring may make things bleak. And if you run a darker store that likes to set the mood as mysterious, bright hardwood floors aren’t going to look great.

Learn more about what flooring you should choose for your business by checking out the link.

Commercial Renovations Are a Piece of Cake with These Tips

Commercial renovations start with you caring about your business. Put in the time, effort, and money that the business and customers have shown you, and they’ll thank you for the effort you’ve made into making your business better.

Just be sure that you hire the right people to get the job done for you.

If you want to learn more about what design choices to make when it comes to your business, then check out the rest of the blog.

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