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Squeaks in the Night: 5 Signs that You Need Pest and Rodent Control

A rodent infestation isn’t anyone’s fault and happens to the best and most secure of homes. It usually occurs in the colder months of the year, when rats, mice, and other rodents are searching for a warmer place to call home.

Before you start calling pest and rodent control to come and clean up your home, use the tips below to figure out if you actually have a rodent infestation.

image - Squeaks in the Night 5 Signs that You Need Pest and Rodent Control
Squeaks in the Night 5 Signs that You Need Pest and Rodent Control

1. Droppings

This is one of the easiest signs of rodent infestation to spot. Rodents easily produce droppings in the places they stay. This usually means places where food can be found easily, like the back of pantries, cupboards, bins, etc.

The shinier, softer, and darker the dropping, the newer it is. The older droppings are grayish and crumble easily. Remember that mice droppings are 1/8 inch in length and rat droppings are 1/2 inch in length or longer.

2. Squeaking at Nighttime

No one wants to stay awake at night because rodents are having a party in their attic, walls, or ceiling. This activity is a telltale sign that you have unwanted guests in your home.

Scratching, gnawing, crawling, or any similar sound at night can alert you to a rodent infestation in your home.

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3. Odd Pet Behavior

If you have a cat or a dog, they might start displaying some odd behavior, like scratching at walls or barking at particular areas of the ceiling. This behavior is a great indicator that you have some rodents creating nests in those areas.

Make a note of the places where your pets show there are rodents for when you have a rodent control company coming in for an inspection. If you are still searching, this service is excellent for getting a rodent-free home fast.

4. Chew Marks

Do you have notice chew marks on your wood, cardboard, wires, or other materials like that? That’s a clear indicator that you have rodents making their home in your home. How rude!

This also includes small holes in thin walls and materials, as rodents like to create clear pathways for themselves to move around their dwelling. Take note of these for when you get a rodent control company in.

5. Allergies

Getting an unusual allergic reaction? It could have something to do with the droppings and fur of the rodents that have infested your home.

Most people don’t think of rodent allergies when they start sniffling or sneezing. But that could be a sign that you need to call in the rodent control services.

Pest and Rodent Control Is the Last Thing Anyone Wants to Worry About

If you have signs of rodent infestation, then it’s time to bring in the big gun. Pest and rodent control services like Power Pest Control mice exterminators can come in and remove your problem in a jiffy.

No need to fumble around with mice traps or poisons on your own. Hire the professionals and get your home rodent-free asap.

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