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6 Commercial Roof Repair Solutions and Tips to Maintain Your Roof

What should come first when caring for a commercial roof?

(A) Installing solar panels

(B) Painting the roof white

(C) Keeping the roof clear of storm debris

If you guessed (c), then you’re correct! You’ll want to clean up storm debris as soon as possible. It’s not only a safety hazard, but it also prevents water from draining off the roof correctly.

A little regular maintenance goes a long way when it comes to a commercial roof. To help you learn the best maintenance practices, we’ve created this short guide.

image - 6 Commercial Roof Repair Solutions and Tips to Maintain Your Roof
6 Commercial Roof Repair Solutions and Tips to Maintain Your Roof

What are the most common commercial roof repair solutions? Read on to find out!

1. Should You Change Roofing Material?

Are you worried about the lifespan of your roof? If you reside in a region that has harsh weather, or if you experience frequent storms during the year, it might be time to start considering a metal roofing system.

Of course, the lifespan of roofing materials varies from one material to the next. For instance, did you know that a metal roof can last up to 50-100 years?

Compared to a shingle roof, which lasts 7-15 years, and a tar and gravel roof that lasts 5-10 years.

Not only will you save money in the long run by switching from asphalt shingles to metal, but your roof will also stand up against extreme conditions like hurricanes or tornadoes!

2. Multiple Roof Inspections

Next, on our list of roof repair solutions, let’s talk about inspections. It is critical to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your business’s roof twice a year to find potential risks.

During the inspection, they’ll check for any hidden leaks, cracks, sagging, or weak areas on your roof.

Next, they’ll assess the condition of the vents, skylights, eaves, and joints on your property.

Has it been a while since your last inspection? Before winter arrives, you’ll want to schedule one! That way, you can avoid dealing with roofing concerns in freezing weather.

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3. Hire Roofers Wisely

If you decide to replace your roof, you’ll want to consider all of your options for a replacement! Don’t go with the first company you find just because they have a good deal.

Instead, do a bit of price shopping, read customer reviews, and explore the company’s website. You can also click here to get inside tips on the different types of roofing services available.

When it comes to tackling commercial roof repair issues, we recommend having only one company service your property at a time.

This limits confusion and ensures that all repairs happen correctly the first time around. Whereas the alternative is having multiple contractors coming over and creating more work for yourself.

Next, make sure the repair company is licensed and insured. This way, you can rest easy knowing that their work will be handled correctly!

Not only will hiring unlicensed contractors void your warranty, but you do not know if they are handling shoddy artistry at all! Additionally, some repairs might require special permits that only licensed contractors can acquire. Don’t take any risks by hiring an unlicensed contractor or handyman.

4. After Snow and Ice Storms

After snow or ice storms, you’ll need to remove snow and ice accumulated on your roof. Otherwise, you’ll increase the risk of the roofing materials wearing out and causing leaks.

If you live in a region that sees heavy amounts of winter precipitation, then chances are you should probably look into adding more insulation.

This way, there is less chance of the roofing material giving way during those harsh winters.

In addition to changing your roof’s insulation, you’ll want to make sure all gutter downspouts are leading the water a safe distance from your property.

If there’s any misdirection or blockage, the water will back up and cause damage.

5. Cleaning Your Roof

To keep your commercial property’s roof looking new for many years to come, be sure to hire a company that offers professional power washing services! This prevents dirt from accumulating and creating dirty marks all across your roofing system.

If you are thinking about tackling the job yourself, be sure to purchase high-quality equipment that can handle roofs.

Otherwise, you could end up damaging your roof if the pressure is too intense or the angles are incorrect.

Do you have skylights, vents, or drywall? Don’ attempt to pressure wash these areas yourself.

They are fragile and can be damaged easily, so rely on experts to take care of this for you.

It’s almost always a good idea to call in the pros for pressure washing needs. You’ll be keeping yourself safe while also avoiding damage to your roof.

6. Check the Condition of Your Roof Regularly

Earlier, we mentioned having professional bi-annual roof inspections. However, it would help if you also were doing visual scans of your roof regularly.

It might seem like a hassle having to stop by your commercial property each day, but it’s necessary if you want to avoid expensive problems.

During storm seasons especially, be sure that all vents are clear from debris. Tree branches and leaves can all obstruct vents and cause your commercial property to become overheated or flooded.

Check flashings, roof seams, and underlayment for proper installation too! If these are loose or damaged, then water can seep into your building’s walls, leading to expensive repairs down the road.

Dirt build-up can cause damage to your roofing system too. Be sure that you are regularly checking for cracks or any other imperfections to prevent leaks.

Practicing Maintenance and Roof Repair Solutions

Now you know more about the ins and outs of caring for a commercial roof. From tree branches to ice, there are all sorts of things that pose a threat to your building. However, for every danger, there are efficient roof repair solutions!

If you’ve been putting off scheduling your inspection, go ahead and tackle it today.

Call a licensed roofing company, and make an appointment before wintertime. Are you ready for more tips? Then read another one of our articles.