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The main reason for repeated repairs is an inadequate quality of work. In some cases, errors lead to the need to seek help from professional builders. Poor quality repairs to the roof always come at an additional cost, while reducing the service life of the roof and the building as a whole.

The building materials industry offers a wide range of roof coverings. Despite significant differences in properties and installation technology, most mistakes are similar to each other and have a common nature. The reasons for poor quality roof repairs are a rush, violation of manufacturer instructions, and the use of cheap materials and forgeries.

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What Threatens Poor Quality Roof Repair

Poor quality repair of the roof always leads to the soaking of insulation materials and supporting structures, damage to interior elements, household property, etc.

A feature of poor quality roof repairs is that it can not be tolerated as, for example, poorly painted stairs, so choose the roofing company near South Florida. Even a slight delay in remedying the deficiencies leads to an increase in overall costs.

Consider the typical errors in the repair of the roof and their consequences:

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Roofing sheets are laid unevenly, the lines formed by the profile sheets and overlaps distorted. The cause of this defect is carelessness in the installation of roofing:

  • When installing a roof of metal tile was not observed technology of installation of the first sheets;
  • During the installation of ondulin roofing on the ledge is not equalized, when installing the sheets were compressed or stretched as an accordion.

As a result of these errors in overlaps, there are gaps, and leaks are formed.


On the slopes,  you can see the gaps and humps. The cause of these defects is a poor quality crate:

  • The lumber of different thicknesses was used;
  • Section of the lumber is selected without taking into account the distance between the lumber and acting on the roof loads.

As a result of such errors are leaks, with high snow and wind loads may destroy the roofing.


In order to save lumber purlins mounted directly on the rafters. In the absence of a control grid:

  • Deteriorates under-roofing ventilation soaks the insulation of the roof cake and wooden structures;
  • Increasing heat loss, increasing costs for heating the house;
  • Reduces the strength of the purlins and rafters.


Used third-party fasteners, not followed the technology of installation of roofing material. Savings on quality materials and violation of installation instructions lead to the following consequences:

  • At the points of attachment there are leaks;
  • Fasteners made of poor quality steel quickly rust. This leads to the weakening of the fastener and the destruction of the roofing.


Protective films are absent or used poor quality materials. Films are installed incorrectly. The result of these violations are:

  • blowing the insulation of the roof cake;
  • soaking insulation and wooden elements of the rafter system;
  • high heat loss;
  • high humidity in residential areas.


The use of externally produced elements.

Recommended by the manufacturer good elements take into account the features of the roofing material and provide reliable waterproofing. Failure to comply with the recommendations may result in leaks and destruction of nodes under the influence of climatic stress.