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How to Change Tires With Impact Wrench

Mechanics like drivelines nw always have impact wrenches in the tool chest at their workplaces. Their common use is to loosen a type of nuts called lug nuts found in vehicles such as trucks or cars. However, the same tools can be used in any high torque circumstances.

image - How to Change Tires With Impact Wrench
How to Change Tires With Impact Wrench

A cordless impact wrench for changing tires should never be mistaken for an impact driver. The latter has ¼ inch hex.

This is an opening. An impact wrench of good design is supposed to accommodate sockets of approximately ½ -inch.

These sockets are of various sizes. These include sockets that can well match with a wheel lug.

What is an Impact Wrench?

You could call it a torque gun, windy gun, impact gun, rattle gun, impactor, air gun, or an air wrench. This wrench is a power gadget plugged into a socket. It is made to give out a high torque impact.

It does this without much exertion by the one using it. Its energy is stored in the rotating mass. This energy is then delivered to the output shaft suddenly.

How to Change Tires With Impact Wrench

Assemble the parts of the impact wrench:

If this is your first time using an air impact wrench, its parts are supposed to be assembled first before you embark on anything. There are however those that do not need much assembling. These could either be corded or cordless.

All the same, basic parts should be assembled. You need a rubber hose that is long enough to connect it to the air compressor. Users are advised to look at the manufacturer’s manual for further guidance depending on the design of the wrench.

Check your connections properly:

Connections need to be checked once more even after all basic parts have been assembled. A beginner will assume that the task is well done only to realize later that there is a hitch somewhere such as a hose. It is therefore wise to do double-checking.

Test the machine:

It is that time to use your impact wrench. However, it is good to first test your machine. This is to establish the direction towards which the wrench spins. Once you realize that the direction is wrong, hold the knob and reverse the socket direction.

Try to assign the correct speed:

The SI unit for measuring speed in impact wrenches is called Resolutions Per Minute (RPM). High torque is delivered at a lower RPM while Low torque is delivered by high-Resolution Per Minute. Therefore, it is good to set the right speed option for your job.

Use of correct size socket:

Attach a device that you are supposed to use after the speed is set. Obtain several size sockets to enhance your work. Place the vehicle in the right position. This is to make it ready for lug nuts to be undone.

Do the following:

Have your vehicle parked on a surface that is level

Apply Brakes

This is to lock or stop your vehicle from rolling when you want to remove lug nuts. Changing a tire has never been this easy. First, have the spare tire removed from your vehicle and get ready for the task.

Undo the Hubcap

Keenly examine the lug nuts

Check whether they are either frozen or rusted. A WD-40 can will be of great help if you want to make them loose.

Break the Frozen Nuts Lose Using Your Impact Wrench

If the nuts are correctly torqued, an impact wrench or driver is ideal for this task. Please do not jack up the tire at this level. The bolts need to have lug nuts on when jacking up the vehicle. Do this if you can use your hand to remove them.

You may now have your vehicle jacked up. You may also undo the lug nuts. Get to remove the flat tire and fix a replacement. Use your hand to fasten the lug nuts until they are hard-pressed on the wheel.

Has the tire lowered up to a level the jack can be taken away? Go ahead to fix the nuts back using the impact driver. For a maximum torque amount, use a torque wrench to fix the nuts tightly.


What do you use an impact wrench for?

Impact wrenches are used to remove or tighten fasteners, bolts, and screws. In the automobile industry, they are the most used tools. However, the common use is that of tightening and undoing lug nuts especially for tires of our Honda.

Getting impact wrench is it worth?

At first, impact wrenches and relevant compressors may look expensive until you put them into use. They otherwise make tasks easier. One would think that they are used for a few jobs but once they are available, you will probably discover other jobs.

Can you use an impact driver to remove bolts?

Small nuts and bolts require impact drivers and hex shafts. If your nuts are bigger, a six-point socket and impact gun are all you need. If you do not want disappointments of breakages, avoid ordinary sockets.

How powerful of an impact wrench do I need?

The model of vehicle you have will determine which size of impact wrench you need. Half-inch impact wrenches work well in regular-sized vehicles. Moreover, the impact wrench should have stable and enough power to handle the task.

What is the difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

If the surface you are working upon is either metallic or wooden and your screws are long, you need an impact driver. On the other hand, impact wrenches work to either tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

¼ inch hex collet is found in impact drivers and ½ inch square drive is found in impact wrenches. It is easy to use impact drivers compared to impact wrenches since the latter are heavy and powerful.


Use both electric and air impact wrenches correctly. This is because they work similarly except that there might be some differences. Now that you are good to go, get using impact wrenches safely.

One thing you strictly do not need to forget to wear is safety gear. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to use it and you will be set to go.

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