Featured of What to Ask a Roof Repair Contractor Before Hiring One

What to Ask a Roof Repair Contractor Before Hiring One

Roof repair can be expensive and stressful for every homeowner. Hence, doing some research and employing an experienced roof repair contractor is important.

Regardless of your roof project involves a renovation of an old worn out the roof or the installment of an entirely new roofing design, hiring a reliable, experienced, and licensed roofing contractor can save you a lot of money and stress in the future.

What to Ask a Roof Repair Contractor Before Hiring One

What to Ask a Roof Repair Contractor Before Hiring One

What to Ask a Roof Repair Contractor Before Hiring One

Read further to learn more about key questions and considerations to ask any roofing contractor before signing a contract.

  1. Basic Information

What is your company’s name, contact number, and address?

Your property, including your house and all that is inside it, will be entrusted to the roofing contractors that you will hire. Hence, basic information such as the full name of their company, their contact number and address is crucial. Also, make sure to ask for the names of the people who may be sent to your house to do the roofing job.

Be wary of roofing contractors who do not give their company’s physical address. Moreover, make sure to check if the contact numbers provided to you are genuine.  If you are skeptical of any information provided to you, you may look up their company’s name online for any reviews, or you may choose another contractor available in your locality.

  1. Information About the Workforce

Do you provide insurance for your employees?

Roofing jobs can be very dangerous and may often lead to accidents. Make sure that the roofing companies from which you will contract with provide not only adequate workforce compensation but also enough insurance for their employees in the event of accidents.

This workforce insurance will not only benefit their employees but will be of great help to you as a homeowner in case of any accidents. Companies that offer insurance for their workforce should also shoulder any damage caused by the roofing employees to your house.

Do not forget to ask the company about workforce insurance, for if you hire a roof repair contractor employed by a company which offers no insurance or low insurance, you, as the homeowner, will be liable for several expenses. You might be held liable not only for the employee’s medical costs but also for damages caused to your house.

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  1. Subcontractors

Does your company employ roofing subcontractors?

Some roofing companies hire subcontractors for a roof repair job. Hence, it is important to ask the company about the complete information of their subcontractors. Moreover, ask if the subcontractors also have an insurance plan under their company, or whether they are covered by your roof repair contractor’s insurance coverage.

In checking your contract, make sure to include lien waivers in case your contractor fails to pay the subcontractors that they have hired. This is important so as not to hold you liable for any unpaid wages or benefits.

  1. License

What is your company’s license number?

Some states require various qualifications for compliance with any company before they can perform any operation. Licensed roof repair contractors are more experienced and competent to perform the task than unlicensed companies. Hence it is important to know the following

  • If your state or area requires a license, visit your local licensing office and verify you roof repair contractor’s license. Make sure that their license has been renewed and is up to date. Ask for any underlying violations committed by the company, and be wary of hiring them if their record is tainted with violations.
  • Take note that a business license differs from a roofing license. Business licenses exist to comply with company and tax licenses. On the other hand, roofing licenses are more specific and are provided only to companies who are experienced in handling roof repairs and installation.
  1. Client Satisfaction

Do you have any homeowner references?

A good roof repair contractor must have satisfactorily completed several roofing jobs and obtained good reviews from several homeowners. Do not be afraid to ask your potential contractor for any projects that they have worked on before.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

You may ask for sample products or good customer feedback sheets to attest to their performance. In addition, you may ask for references from previous clients who were satisfied with their roof repair or installation service.

One thing to consider is whether the potential contractor keeps a website or page online. If so, you may check online reviews and comments about their services. Be wary of companies that receive negative reviews. Roof repair is an expensive job, and investing on contractors that have a good track record can really save a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Warranties for Defects

Does your company offer a warranty?

Roofing repair problems may not arise instantly after the job is completed. Problems may arise a few days or weeks from the repair date itself. Hence, it is important to ask your company for the warranty period of their service.

Most contracts contain a provision for any defects, deterioration, or damage that may be brought by the roofing project. Make sure to secure a warranty period long enough to guarantee that no problems will arise as a result of the roof repair.

In normal cases, a roof warranty period ranges from 1 year to 2 depending on the offers provided by contractors. Their warranties often cover the durability of the materials used and the quality of service installation and repair employed.

Take note that warranty for the materials used and warranty for the services employed may be separated, with the contract only including either of the two. Make sure to talk to your roofer regarding these two warranties.

  1. Replacement and Repair

Will you reuse old materials or make use of new roof flashings?

The proper way to repair a roof is through the installation of new roof flashings. There are however incidents whereby roof contractors opt to use cheaper alternatives by using old roof flashings for repairs.

Take note that old flashings may only be used as integration with the dimensions and material type of your old roof, and they ought not to be used as part of the majority of your roof flashings. They must be replaced by new ones in every roof repair.

Do not be afraid to demand the use of new roof flashings. Roof flashings become less durable over time, and if they are not replaced they may cause problems in the future such as leaking and rust.


Repairing any home’s roof is an important yet expensive task that every homeowner may encounter. Hence, investing in the right roof repair contractor can save you from bigger problems in the future. Make sure that you know all the information about the roof repair contractor that you will hire. Moreover, make sure that you can attest to their experience, competency, and credibility.

One final tip in searching for plano roofing contractors to help repair your home, start by checking roofing contractors online, in your phone book, or even by asking your friends and family for any good companies that they have previously worked with. Be patient and trust that the information above will help you find the right roof repair contractor for your house.

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