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Common Causes of HVAC Failure

The home HVAC unit consists of complex electrical systems and there is a chance that it could fail even if it is new. This could be down to the manufacturer but there are also some issues that could contribute to the failure of the HVAC unit in your home.

A system that is well-maintained will not have a lot of issues. That is why there should be a maintenance schedule in place so that potential problems are taken care of before they get out of hand.

image - Common Causes of HVAC Failure
Common Causes of HVAC Failure

Here are some of the common reasons for HVAC failure in your home.

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Dirty Filters

A dirty filter could lead to hundreds of dollars in repairs yet the replacement is something that will only take a few minutes and can be done by the homeowner.

During the peak seasons, it is crucial that you’re changing the air filters on a monthly basis.

A dirty filter will make the HVAC unit work twice as hard to cool and heat the room. You’re also likely to see an increase in energy bills as a result.

You shouldn’t wait until the quality of the air in your home has been compromised before you can think about replacing repairs. It could be too late and you might be looking at expensive repairs.

Dampers That are Not Properly Balanced

The ductwork in most homes will separate in individual rooms. The dampers from the main supply will be responsible for supplying air to different rooms.

Improper balancing will lead to uneven airflow across the different rooms. That is why you might find that some rooms are cooler than others.

This is a problem that only an experienced HVAC technician can handle.

Attempting to do it on your own could lead to further damage which is the last thing you’d want to experience when you want comfort levels to return in the different rooms in your home.

Broken Thermostat

A broken thermostat could also cause potential damage to the HVAC unit. The temperatures levels will not be properly calibrated which might cause the unit to overwork.

There could be thermostat upgrades necessary but you’ve been postponing the decision. You don’t want to wait until there is a problem with the HVAC unit before making the decision to replace it.

One of the reasons why issues with a broken thermostat can be devastating is because they’ll not be too obvious to the homeowner.

You might think that there is a problem with the unit itself when actually it is the thermostat with the problem.

Leaking Refrigerant

This is a problem that you’re likely to experience with air conditioning units. It is either you get the very poor performance or no performance at all.

There is no in-between with such a problem. Every condenser in an HVAC unit will require a refrigerant for cooling purposes. When there is an issue, there is no way the cooling will be effective.

This is a problem that will be hard to figure out on your own. There is likely to be a complete breakdown of the unit if the problem persists.

Tripped Circuit

If the unit is not functioning at all, there is a possibility that the circuit breaker was tripped. This is something that you could easily fix on your own.

You’ll want to eliminate all the possible causes of failure before you can get in touch with an experienced HVAC technician.

Hiring an HVAC Repair Technician

The HVAC unit is an expensive appliance in your home. You might have to spend thousands of dollars in replacement if the issue can’t be repaired.

That is why it is important that you’re doing the research before hiring an HVAC technician.

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that the individual is experienced. There are different makes and models for HVAC units and all of them will require an individualized approach to repairs.

An experienced technician will have done repairs on different models and will know what needs to be done.

You should also get someone that is trustworthy as you’ll be inviting them into your home. Ideally, you’d want to get a local contractor with a physical presence in your town.


Having known some of the common causes of an HVAC failure, you’ll put in place the necessary measures to avoid expensive repairs.

You should do due diligence on the HVAC technician so that the problem is being handled once and for all. Don’t just depend on the cost to make a hiring decision.

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