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6 Common Pond Building Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Do you know that koi fish fall among the most expensive pet fish in the world currently valued at $2.2 million?

Constructing a pond can bring life to your yard. It’s also an exciting process that will keep you busy for a few days.

image - 6 Common Pond Building Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners
6 Common Pond Building Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

However, Building a pond entails more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. The process requires hard work and proper planning for excellent results.

If you plan to build a beautiful pond, below are six pond-building mistakes you should avoid.

1. Poor Location

Location is everything when constructing a pond. Frequently, ponds are placed in rarely used spaces or in low areas that collect water. However, both locations are not favorable.

It’s a waste to spend time building a pool in an area not used frequently; have your pond close to the house or next to viewing sites.

Again, low areas that collect water create a challenge when building a pond. Pollutants from runoff water also compromise the water quality.

2. Misuse of Pond Rocks and Stones

Pools are disguised with rocks to provide a naturalistic appearance. To attain the features, one needs to use large tons of stones.

However, novice pond builders see this as too much work. As a result, they opt to use small and manageable rocks that are simple to move. While this is easier, the pond falls short of the desired naturalistic appearance.

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3. Inadequate Filtration Systems

If you intend to keep live aquatic animals in your pond, keep in mind that they require a healthy balance of air and water. For instance, koi need well oxygenated and filtered water to survive.

A good pond filtration system means your water will remain clean and healthy for your fish. Don’t compromise on the filtration system. Improperly filtered water degrades a pond to the extent only algae and mosquitoes can survive.

Also, don’t take too long before cleaning the filtration system. Ensure you call in koi pond maintenance services from time to time to maintain your pool at an optimum state.

4. Underestimating the Labor Required

Building a good pond isn’t a simple process, and it requires a lot of labor. This is something novice pond builders underestimate, and the tiring work quickly leads to less desire to finish the project.

If you decide to DIY your pond, ensure you set aside reasonable time and have the required pond building equipment.

5. Building a Shallow Pond

Shallow ponds are easier to dig than deep ones. However, if you build a small pond, your fish may have trouble moving properly.

Again, deep waters allow koi to protect themselves during extreme weather conditions. A good pond should be 8 feet or more.

6. Lack of Ledges

Another common mistake is excavating your pond in a bowl fashion with sloping edges. This is a mistake considering the smooth liner will not hold rocks and stones in place. Ledges are crucial as they hold layers of rocks in place to complement your garden.

Learn the Common Pond Building Mistakes to Avoid

Be cautious and avoid these common pond-building mistakes. Again, research and effort come in handy for amazing results. If you run into trouble when creating a pond, it’s best to seek professional help.

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