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Common Window Problems and Solutions

Everyone loves the view and natural light. We all want to stare out the window and admire what is in front of us. But did you know that there are many window problems that you might not realize?

There’s nothing quite like the comfort and value of a home with well-maintained windows. Though they might not get a lot of attention from homeowners, windows play a vital role in making a house livable.

You want your windows clean and comfortable, but they need to be in proper working order in order to meet these goals. There are a few common issues that can make it hard to reach these goals.

image - Common Window Problems and Solutions
Common Window Problems and Solutions

What Causes Window Damage?

A poorly working window can be frustrating, particularly if you live in an area where the weather is temperamental.

There are many window problems many homeowners suffer from. But they are preventable. And most of the time, easy to repair yourself. You can save yourself a whole lot of money by doing it yourself. Here are some common window issues, ways to prevent them, and how to fix them if they do arise.

Drafty Windows

One of the common problems with windows is drafts. When air moves through an opening, it creates wind noise. This sound may seem like nothing more than background noise, but it actually causes damage over time.

Drafty windows cause condensation on their inside surfaces, which leads to mold growth. Mold grows because moisture collects where there isn’t enough airflow. It gets trapped between the glass panes and eventually spreads throughout the house.


  • Repair or apply to weatherstrip
  • Get a window draft stopper
  • Try to close the crack with nail polish
  • Wrap the window using a film
  • Apply window caulking


Inspecting Windows Regularly. If you notice that windows are foggy especially in between the panes of the glass, then you might have a condensation issue.

Condensation happens usually in the winter it leaves an icy layer in the middle of your window. The reason why some people don’t notice this is due to the foggy appearance of the window.


  • Turn off the humidifier
  • Dry clothes outdoors
  • Try moisture eliminator
  • Turn on fans or airconditioning
  • Move your house plants
  • Use condensation absorber

Fogging Windows

The seal around the windows will begin to decline over time. The window seal breaks for several reasons. For example, too much exposure to water especially after the storm, excess heat, and old age.

The moisture escaping through the glass panel can cause fog. Your windows may be foggy due to extreme temperatures inside and outside of your home.


  • Use dehumidifier
  • Apply a window film kit
  • Turn fans on

Broken Glass Pane

If you have kids that play sports or live in a place with extreme weather conditions, then your windows are at risk. Although it’s very rare that your window breaks due to extreme weather still you have to keep an eye on it.

The best way to fix this is to replace the window immediately.

Hard to Open Windows

This is one of the common window problems that could cause danger. It’s usually due to dirt and dust that accumulated causing friction whenever you try to open them.

In this situation, the sash of your window bowed or expanded causing it not to fit in the opening window anymore.


  • Wipe away loose dirt from the hinge
  • Spray a lubricant spray from the hinge
  • Completely open the window
  • Tightened the loose screws or bolts

Water Leak Around the Window

This problem requires immediate attention. Why? Because water leaks can cause mold to grow or the wood to rot in your walls. Also, this happens because the caulk or sealant has gotten old or cracked allowing water to enter the house.

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  • Remove the damaged caulking
  • Re-seal the glass to the gasket

Rotting and Warping

You may experience these issues if you have wood windows. Typically, wood window problems come from moisture that penetrates the spaces around the window and sun exposure.

Another reason is termites that could cause wood to deteriorate. This is the reason why homeowners prefer windows that are made of weather-resistant materials, like vinyl.


  • For old wood windows, apply a new coat of paint every few years
  • Use epoxy and wood filler to fill on cracks and edges
  • For severe damage, replace the broken part

Pitted Glass

Have you noticed any small scratches or specks on your glass window? Over time this will develop when the window glass is exposed to the elements.

You may not notice at first but if you check the window closely on regular basis you can see small dots to starts to form.

If this problem is not taken care of it may cause major damage that ends up replacing the entire window.


  • Rinse with soap and water
  • Scrape the across the surface of the glass using razor
  • Polish the glass

How do you know if a Window needs to be Replaced?

Windows must be maintained in order to last long. Each window problem has a different way of solution and there are a variety of factors to consider.

Check the condition of your windows every time you enter your home. It’s possible that you might spot a small crack or chip in the glass, windows are worn out and energy bills are high.

Prevent Window Problems

Frequent cleaning of your windows to prevent problems and enhance efficiency. Window cleaning should absolutely be done by experts because the grease and the dirt on window glass can easily damage future prospects.

Hiring professional window cleaners will bring the right tools and equipment for the job. They exactly know how to use a squeegee, so your windows will be clearer and cleaner.

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