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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Kitchen Splashbacks Seriously

When it comes to kitchen renovation, you should seriously consider kitchen splashbacks.

While most people tend to use tiles, the problem is that both organic matter, as well as water, tends to make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

And you can bet the last dollar, that the tiles with grout are indeed home to quite a few varieties of bacterial matter. It does not matter what cleaners you use to clean those tiles; the bacteria would still be around. And that is why you need to opt for kitchen splashbacks when it comes to your kitchen.

image - 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Kitchen Splashbacks Seriously
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Kitchen Splashbacks Seriously


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  • Creative Design

When it comes to your kitchen décor, the splashback really brings the whole room together. And moreover, splashbacks are trendy at the moment – you need to get one installed in the right shade, and one that melds well with the rest of the décor. You can go in for kitchen glass splashbacks or even opt for plastic ones.

But they would present a modern and trendy façade to your kitchen. You can also opt for creative designs as far as the splashbacks to your bathroom and kitchen are concerned. You can go in for original patterns that provide you with a soothing pattern, such as a waterfall or more.

  • Hygienic

Hygiene happens to be one of the main reasons that you need to have a kitchen splashback installed at the earliest. You may also want to go for a splashback as far as your bathroom is concerned.

Given that bacteria love organic matter and moist ambiance, you would probably find more than a few making their home among the grout and tiles.

But if you opt to get a plastic or glass kitchen glass splashbacks installed, then the bacteria will have no cracks to breed and inhabit, and with the regular clean up, you should be able to maintain a healthy kitchen.

  • Easier to Install

Compared to tiles, the splashbacks are quite easy to install. If you plan on handling the installation by yourself, then you may want to check out some of the online guides before you attempt to do so. You must also measure your wall carefully and plot the layout.

Once you have done, you should be able to get started on your DIY installation. The great news is that the splashback should fit perfectly and it should also go well with the rest of the room as well.

  • Durable

Most people assume that tiles are durable compared to splashbacks, but they would be surprised. Splashbacks are highly durable and much easier to clean than say, tiles. Moreover, tiles can break off in corners, and this could cause the cracks and gaps to widen.

And bacteria would use the gap created to breed. With an adequate splashback, you will not have this problem which is why you must go in for kitchen splashbacks.

  • Attention-grabbing

Apart from the health and hygiene factor, the other reason that you would want to consider splashbacks is the fact that they grab your attention the moment you walk in. The splashback will go with most kitchen decors, and all that’s left is for you to select the color and shade, see that it goes well, with the rest of the decor.

Just pick out one that’s complementary to the rest of the kitchen, and that should do the trick. You should try opting for a single feature splashback and in the process, breathe more life into the kitchen.

You can see why you need to go in for a kitchen or bathroom splashback at the earliest. If you have been suffering from several intestinal and stomach issues, then you may well want to go for a decently sized kitchen splashback that’s aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye.

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