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Falling of Leaves Creating a Mess? Don’t Worry Cordless Leaf Blowers are Here!

Many of us set up a lawn at our houses because the shade provided by the trees, a unique beauty provided by the plants, the cool breeze, and sunkissed sunlight that passes through the trees make a day.

It is the best place for relaxing and spending time.

But when we enhance the greenery of the area, leaves and debris become irritating one. There are times when we could not walk through the lawn because of the accumulation of leafs.

Now relax, here comes the cordless leaf blowers, the best equipment to help us in this situation.

Falling of Leaves Creating a Mess – Cordless Leaf Blowers are Here

IMG - Falling of Leaves Creating a Mess? Don’t Worry Cordless Leaf Blowers are Here!
Cordless Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers have become a great gardening tool for cleaning gardens, pathways, driveways, and large areas. Due to the changes in season, especially during autumn and rainy season trees lose their leaves.

Falling of leaves in the cool breeze is a great feeling but cleaning the place is a great mess.

Using a rake or broom can be a very time-consuming and physical task whereas using a leaf blower the task becomes interesting and fun. The work is also completed within no time.

The use of a leaf blower doesn’t end here. There are various other uses that can be completed by a leaf blower. Other uses include gutter cleaning, drying vehicles, cleaning out garages, and much more.

So it’s not a waste of money nor will be covered and placed anywhere till the falling of leaves. The primary aim of the machine is to clean the areas efficiently.

The air is released from the machine which impels the leaves to move. The direction of the air released from the machine is guided by the user.

Power input can be either electric or gas which can create and increase noise, power, and pollution level.

There are new models being made that have low noise and emulate less or no harmful gases.

There are some harmful hazards caused by the machine in which the user needs to be aware and take correct precautions.

  • Noise pollution
  • Surface damage to grass and plants
  • Flying debris can damage or affect the user’s eyes
  • Increases in environmental pollution

Precautions are available to prevent or minimize these hazards.

Safety measures like before using the machine, make sure that you were goggles or protective glasses which will stop unwanted debris from eye damage, use ear muff which will protect your ears, use a mask which will cover your mouth and nose so that no harmful gas is inhaled by you and use a good quality machine which will produce less noise and pollution.

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Types of Leaf Blower

There are three main types of a leaf blower

  • Hand-Held Blowers
  • Backpack Blowers
  • Walk-behind blowers

Hand-Held Blowers

Hand-held blowers are the least expensive type of blower in the market. It is recommended for small yard users. If you have a larger yard then this will not provide you with the best result.

Backpack Blowers

The motor of this type of blower can be carried like a bag. It is more powerful than hand-held blowers. It can be used for larger yards that are up to 1acre.

They can be quite heavy but that is because they are powerful with mobility. Gas-powered backpack blowers do not need recharging, unlike cordless blowers, although they can be relatively very loud.

Walk-behind blowers

Walk-behind blowers tend to be the expensive blowers in the market. The motor is placed on a wheeled frame, making motor size and weight completely unrestricted.

If you have multiple acres yard then it will be the best blower for your yard.

Gas Powered Leaf Blower Vs. Electric Powered Leaf Blowers

Gas-powered leaf blowers tend to be heavier and louder than electric-powered leaf blowers. Gas-powered blowers are better for long periods of use.

They are the most powerful and are not dependent on battery life. If you have a very large yard then a gas-powered blower will be proficient.

Electric powered leaf blowers make less noise due to which the surrounding zone people may not face any noise problem.

They tend to emit low emissions which is good for the environment.

As it works on battery, it is useful to check out the battery life, called run time on the models before purchasing from the shop.

Electric blowers run with the help of a battery due to which it drains fast compared to gas-powered blowers.


In today’s world cleaning the yard filled with debris and leaves with a rake or broom is a bad choice. Everyone is busy and has to complete work as fast as possible.

Cleaning the yard with a rake or broom is time-consuming. Cordless leaf blower not only cleans efficiently but also consumes very little time. So cleaning the yard with a cordless leaf blower is a wise idea.


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