Your oven is a crucial kitchen appliance that serves your family’s food needs. You use your oven for meal preparations, and it is something you really can’t live without. If your oven breaks down, you may have to rely on eating in a restaurant or having takeout indefinitely.

image - Cost of Electric Oven Repairs in 2020 - What You Need to Know

Cost of Electric Oven Repairs in 2020 – What You Need to Know

This is not such a good thing because it can be costly. Plus, home-cooked meals help you control the nutrition your family is getting, so food prepared in your oven will be generally healthier compared to food purchased in fast food.

Repairing an oven can be costly, but repairs are part of kitchen appliance maintenance and you should invest in repairs to get your oven functioning again so you can continue creating more than happy meals.

Here are just some cost factors when having your oven repaired in 2020:

  1. If You Have a Built-in Oven

Built-in ovens are more challenging to repair because it is fixed in a cabinet that is made specifically for the oven.

Repairs would entail removing the unit from the cabinet, which is rather complicated and labor-intensive. Built-in oven repair usually cost around 100 dollars to 200 dollars

  1. If You Have a Gas/Electric Range Oven

Many issues in a gas or electric range oven can be easily diagnosed and fixed. You will only be paying for the labor and replacement parts.

A typical issue for this type of oven is the oven won’t heat up. A repair can cost one hundred to two hundred dollars.

  1. If You Have An Older Model Oven

Your oven should be serviceable for up to fifteen years. Some repairs would be complex, and, in such cases, it would make sense just to have the oven replaced than to have it repaired.

This is especially true for oven models before the year 2000. Another reason you should consider replacing is replacement parts may be hard to find.

  1. Oven Repair Technicians are Everywhere

Most residential houses have ovens, so there is a high demand for oven technicians. The result of this is there are many oven technicians that can be found anywhere, and you can even find one near your location.

They also may not have to travel far, so the travel fees are low. Because there are plenty of service professionals around the rates are competitive, and you can find a good deal.

  1. Type of Oven Fix

The type of oven repair is a huge factor that will dictate the cost. Some oven fixes are easier to do than others. For example, stuck oven doors are a simple task to fix with an average cost of around under one hundred dollars.

When a gas oven does not light, the igniter could be the culprit, and this will cost you over one hundred dollars. When the thermostat is the issue, and your oven is having temperature issues, the fix could be as high as over two hundred dollars.

  1. High-end Oven Brands

There are high-end oven brands that cost ten thousand dollars or more. Brands such as Viking, Aga, and Thermador require service professionals that are familiar with these kinds of ovens.

They also have more expensive replacement parts than your typical oven, so be prepared to spend more.

  1. Labor

Labor is the amount you pay for the electric oven repairs specialist, and you should always get a reputable company to service your oven. Professionals know the safety requirements that are needed in repairing an oven. This is especially crucial if they are working with a gas oven.

Repair rates are usually higher in rural and urban areas. The high living cost in urban areas affects the pricing of oven repair labors while in rural regions, houses are far apart from one another, and it may require extensive travel that translates to mileage charges. A company will charge every mile from its service area, and this usually costs about two dollars per mile.

Actual labor costs of oven repairs generally range from 45 to 75 dollars per hour. Some companies will charge a higher rate for the first hour of the repair and give a discount in subsequent hours.

Usually, multiple visits are needed to complete fixing the oven. The initial visit would be to diagnose the oven issues so replacement parts can be purchased. The second visit will be the actual fixing of the oven.

Normally repairing the oven only takes a short time, and you may not have to pay for an entire hour of service. Repairs can be as fast as less than 30 minutes. Because of this, many companies offer charges per 10-minute intervals. This is a good thing because you only pay exactly for the service time used.

image - Electric Oven Repair

Electric Oven Repair

Final Thoughts

Repairing an oven is your best option if you think you can still make your oven usable again and if it costs less to repair than to replace. The year 2020 brings in changes in labor costs because living conditions change in urban areas as well as rural areas.

Replacement parts are also affected by the economic forces of the coming year ahead, and this may go higher up or lower depending on trades and manufacturing costs.