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The Dangers of High Voltage

Is high voltage dangerous? If you live near an area with many power lines, you might be asking yourself this question.

One big concern is that power lines contain non-ionizing EMFs which contain levels of radiation. Certain studies suggest that prolonged exposure to these EMFs is a contributor to developing various cancers.

image - The Dangers of High Voltage
The Dangers of High Voltage

While this notion is debatable, there is no doubt that home high voltage in itself is dangerous. Therefore, if you’re someone who has high voltage surges going through your home, it’s important to know about the risks.

Keep reading to learn more about the danger of high voltage.

Electrocution from Power Lines

When it comes to power lines, electrocution is one of the most common causes of injuries or fatalities. According to Electrocuted.com, power lines contain between 4,800 to 13,200 volts.

Typically, the human body cannot handle over 50 volts of electricity. So the electricity from power lines makes for an extremely powerful and usually deadly force.

One of the biggest risks of electrocution from power lines is by coming in contact with a power line that has fallen to the ground.

It’s important to know that physically touching a live wire isn’t the only way to get electrocuted. It can also happen by simply touching the surface of the power line or something else it is in contact with.

Examples of some deadly conditions that result from electrocution include things like ventricular fibrillation, respiratory arrest, and metabolic acidosis.

The bottom line? If you ever see a power line that has fallen down, make sure to avoid contact with it at all costs as well as any surrounding areas. Likewise, if you have children make sure they do not play outside during a thunderstorm as water and electricity are a deadly combination.

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Child Leukemia from Power Lines

One of the biggest concerns regarding home high voltage is the risk of childhood leukemia. According to WebMD, a British study has noted that children who live near power lines are 69% more likely to get leukemia.

As previously mentioned, many people claim that these health risk links are false. However, many of those who say these health risks are myths are often big government organizations that may be biased in their beliefs.

If you do live in an area with many power lines, you may benefit from using a dirty electricity filter. This can limit radiation exposure by lowering EMF pollution.

Other Health Risks

We know that electrocution and child leukemia are among the biggest concerns when it comes to power lines. Though, some other health risks can occur as well.

Examples include infertility, heart issues, tumors, and other cancers, and heart issues. It is even reported that high voltage could cause mental health effects like anxiety or depression.

The Danger of High Voltage

This article taught you all about the danger of high voltage. For those who live near power lines, it’s important to be aware of these serious risks for the safety of yourself and your family.

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