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Debunked: 6 Popular Myths About Termites You Need to Know

No doubt, termites are destructive. When they infest your property, they can cause damage equivalent to a tornado, earthquake, or tsunami. These crawling pests live underground making it hard to notice them.

While you may use termite-resistant material on your foundation, termites can climb up to access any wooden parts of your structure. The ceilings, roofing, and furniture become some of their primary targets.

image - Debunked 6 Popular Myths About Termites You Need to Know
Debunked 6 Popular Myths About Termites You Need to Know

If you are not careful, you can suffer regrettable losses. Contacting termite control Sydney companies such as Active Termite Control for regular inspections can help you avoid such an experience.

But is everything you hear about termites true? Keep reading to learn about some of the myths about termites that are baseless.

Termites Are Destructive Pests with Zero Benefits

Termite infestation can be one of the unfortunate encounters in one’s life. These small crawling pests are active through the day and night.

They will destroy any structure they come across. As such, they have no benefits to humans and the environment. How can a destructive pest be beneficial anyway?

If this is your thought, you are wrong. Termites have a wide range of benefits to the green ecosystem. As you know, they do not eat healthy plants.

Termites’ food is the wood that is rotting and other organic mass. Their actions help to breakdown this organic matter and transform them into fertilizer.

This way, they help in adding essential nutrients back to the soil. Termites are only destructive when they attack your useful wood.

But do not see them from a bad angle. They are in search of food and have no knowledge of their impacts on you. See it as how people hunt wild animals for food.

Termites are Ants

For many people, termites are a type of ants. You will even come across much-written content dubbing them the white ants.

It is true that termites resemble ants in many aspects. They have six legs, three body parts, and dual antennae. When it comes to feeding, you realize the difference between termites and ants.

Ants feed on nectar, vegetation, dead insects, and honeydew. On the other hand, cellulose is the main food for termites.

They eat logs of trees or any wooden element. But this is not all; termites will eat many items in your household. You will find them eating books, cardboard, cotton fibers, and other consumable wastes.

So, ants and termites are different organisms. It is a myth to group the two insects as one and the same.

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Cutting Down Trees Is the Best Idea to Get Rid of Termites

Sure. Termites feed on cellulose from the trees. Cutting down all the trees will mark their end. No doubt, no one can survive without food, and trees are what keep the termites alive.

If you believe in this misconception, you should go on and cut every tree in your backyard. Do not be surprised to see termites crawling on your walls after destroying your beautiful tree landscape.

In reality, termites do not leave on trees. They build their colonies underground. Furthermore, they do not eat live trees.

When the trees and wood materials are not available, termites have other food alternatives. Cutting down trees will have zero impact on their existence.

Instead of hurting your landscape, consider consulting a termite control expert like Active Termite Control for advice on dealing with this destructive pest.

That is the only way to save yourself from their unforgiving destructions.

You Will Always Know When Termites Attack

Knowing when termite attack is simple. You will see them crawling on your walls. If they get on your wood, you will hear them chewing it.

It will be easy to notice simple destruction on your property and take the right action. Wow. You are right.

But the truth is, it is hard to tell when termites attack your property. Termites are some of the sneaky pests in the world.

Their character and traits make it hard for a human to detect their presence. First, termites, especially the workers, are quiet. You will never hear them chewing even when you place your ears.

Again, these groups avoid dry air and light. They operate in dark and wet places. This means it is hard to see them even when their infestation is in high gear.

You can only know about it if they detect a threat. So, unless you are a termite inspector, you will only realize the presence of the termites when it is too late.

Concrete Is Part of Termites’ Diet

Termites have sharp crawls and can feed on concrete. You are not lucky to have a concrete foundation and pillars. If somebody ever told you this, it was a lie.

Termites cannot crack through the concrete. They only feed on cellulose which concrete does not offer.

However, they will take advantage of any cracks on your concrete surfaces to penetrate and reach wooden areas. For this reason, always seal any cracks you find in your house to deny these pests an access point.

One Time Termite Treatment Is Fine

Do you have a termite infestation in your backyard? All you need is to find the best termite treatment, and everything will be okay forever. One-time termite treatment is enough to eradicate this destructive pest in your home.

This information is one of the market hypes. The truth is no termite treatment lasts forever. The treatment becomes obsolete and wears out in a while. You are likely to suffer a new termite infestation even though you have had a treatment.

For this reason, you need to do regular termite inspections. It will not be a bad idea to work with experts like Active Termite Control in such inspections. This way, you can retreat your house and wooden areas and avoid possible infestation.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, some of the information you hear about termites is a myth. Termites have some benefits when in a suitable environment.

They become messy when they attack your property. Also, they are not ants nor one-time termite treatment enough. Now, you know the reality about these pests.

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