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Deep Undermount Bathroom Sink

A deep undermount bathroom sink is the perfect option for those who are looking to create a more streamlined and modern design in their bathroom.

The installation process is easy, and it can be completed by most homeowners. It’s also easier to clean than the traditional basin-style sinks that are often found in homes today.

image - Deep Undermount Bathroom Sink
Deep Undermount Bathroom Sink

Most of all, these sinks use less water as they’re not submerging below the countertop level as basins do.

If you want your home to reflect your eco-friendly values or just want an updated look, this type of sink may be right for you!

If you have the opportunity to place a bathtub in your house, I recommend that you do it. Bathtubs are very relaxing and they help soothe many aches and sore muscles.

How Deep Should a Bathroom Sink Be?

The deepness of a bathroom sink is important because it determines how well you can wash your hands.

The deeper the sink, the more water will be left on the surface, and this means you won’t have to reach as far down for soap or lather.

If you are short then this may not seem like an issue but if there’s someone taller in the house they may find themselves banging their elbows against the wall while washing their hands in a slightly shallow sink.

  • The standard depth for a bathroom sink is 18 inches
  • Bathroom sinks are available in many different depths, including 24 inches and 30 inches
  • There are pros and cons to installing a deep sink – some people prefer them because they can clean their entire body without bending over or getting water on the floor; others don’t like that it takes up more space in the bathroom
  • Deep sinks also make it difficult to use products that need to be stored under the sink
  • If you have limited space in your bathroom, install an undermount sink instead of one with legs
  • An average depth for a kitchen sink is 12-inches high, while an average bathtub is 20-inches high

Deep undermount bathroom sinks are great. I love the way they look, and how easy it is to clean around them.

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What Size Bathroom Undermount Sink Do I Need?

Choosing the right size of undermount sink for your bathroom is an important decision. There are many different sizes and styles of sinks available, but a standard size is 14 inches wide by 18 inches deep.

This can also be determined by measuring the space you have available in your cabinet or countertop area.

If you have more than one sink, it’s a good idea to use two separate ones so that they will function independently from each other.

Undermount sinks are the best because they give your bathroom a clean and uncluttered look.

You’ll need to measure the space underneath your sink before choosing one. Measure from side-to-side, front to back, and top to bottom.


The deep undermount bathroom sink is a beautiful and functional design that should be considered if you are looking for this type of style.

Deep undermount sinks have more depth than traditional sinks so they can accommodate larger items like sponges or brushes, making it easier to clean the entire surface area of your sink at once.

These types of bathtubs also typically come with a built-in drain which reduces the need to purchase an additional piece such as a pop-up drain assembly kit.

All these features combine together to make this type of bathroom sink well worth considering! If all else fails, we’ll help you find one on our website today!

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