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10 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

When it comes to interior design, no other place is neglected more than the bathrooms, which is why most old houses have quite unimpressive and impractical bathrooms.

Therefore, if you want your bathroom to match your home’s contemporary style, you need to plan a remodeling.

However, remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive undertaking, and it can take a lot of time and effort as well.

However, just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean that you can’t make your bathroom more luxurious and lavish.

image - 10 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget
10 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Today I am going to tell you ten ways in which you can remodel your bathroom on a budget. So, keep reading to learn more.

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Stick with the Same Layout

One of the facts that make a bathroom renovation expensive is that changing the layout can be very difficult.

When you move any fixtures, the plumbing has to be shifted accordingly, which means that the walls and floors have to be torn to lay the pipes, and then remade.

You can change out the fixtures, but don’t change the layout; otherwise, the renovation cost can increase dramatically:

Renovate the Walls

You probably don’t want simple painted walls in the bathroom, and stone tiles can be quite expensive; therefore, going for porcelain tiles can be an excellent budget-friendly option. Adding tiles keeps the walls safe from splash marks and adds to the bathrooms’ elegance.

If you aren’t adding tile to the walls, consider repainting them, and maybe add an art piece to the wall as well.

As far as the color pallet for the walls or the tiles is concerned, it would be best if you opted for neutral tones. Though white is pretty mainstream, it is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it gives a more open and cleaner look.

Add Some Plants to the Decor

image - Add Some Plants to the Decor:

Indoor plants are a very important feature of contemporary interior design. It would help if you considered adding some plants to your bathroom for a welcome splash of color and a more refined ambiance.

Indoor plants also improve the bathroom’s smell and keep the air fresh, while making the bathroom feel less claustrophobic, which is a common problem with smaller bathrooms.

Install Some Luxury Features

Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you can add some luxury to the bathroom. Investing is a central feature that becomes the focal point of your bathroom. It is a great way to make your bathroom look and feel incredible.

Id suggests going for a nice chemical-free hot tub. Not only does a hot tub make your bathroom much more comfortable and relaxing, but it will also add to the decor, and if you choose to splurge on a single luxury feature, you will probably be able to afford a chemical-free hot tub without an issue.

Chemical-free hot tubs are an excellent investment since they don’t have any harmful effects on your skin, either.

Improve the Lighting

The lighting is one of the most important design factors in any room, and especially in one as small as the bathroom. Most bathrooms only have a single overhead relief, which can make the design look quite underwhelming.

Therefore, you should consider adding multiple smaller ceiling LEDs and adding some makeup lights on top of the vanity mirror.

Upgrade the Vanity

The vanity and the mirror play a very important role in the bathroom’s overall decor, and you should pay special attention to them.

If you have space, you can opt for a double vanity, which is a feature in many modern luxury homes; otherwise, remember to add a large vanity mirror and a contemporary designed sink.

Floating vanities are quite trendy these days since they don’t cover the floor, and give the bathroom a more open feel.

You should also consider the vanity countertops; mostly, luxury bathrooms have stone countertops made from granite or marble; however, if you don’t have the budget to splurge on these luxury materials, you can make your ordinary countertops look like a stone by adding some vinyl wrap.

Refurbish and Reuse Materials Where Possible

If you choose to add new materials everywhere, the renovation cost can add up; however, an easy and simple way to stay inside your budget is to prioritize refurbishing materials wherever possible.

For instance, if you have wooden floors, you should repair any damages and apply a layer of varnish instead of adding new flooring. Moreover, instead of replacing the cabinets, you can repaint the old ones and reuse them.

Getting thrifty with the materials allows you to save a decent amount of money, which can go towards additional decor features.

Add Some Decorative Elements

image - Add Some Decorative Elements:

Small decorative elements like decorative soaps and towels are an essential part of lavish bathroom design. They add some color to the decor, which is quite important in bathrooms that are mostly white or another natural shade.

Moreover, you can add several other small items to the bathroom to make it stand out; for instance, you can add some art to the walls, and some decoration pieces, the countertops. You can also frame the vanity mirror if you feel like it.

Pick up Some Easy DIY Projects

If you are skilled with your hands and know a little bit about plumbing, you can do many upgrades in your bathroom by yourself. This can save you a lot of labor fees and bring down the price of your renovation.

Therefore, believe in your skills, do your research, consult people who have already remodeled their bathroom, get a handy friend to help and check the internet for instructions, and probably do many upgrades by yourself.

Update the Fixtures in the Bathroom

A bathroom can be made perfect, but certain small fixtures in the bathroom can be upgraded for a better overall appearance; for instance, you can add new and stylish faucets, drawer handles, light fixtures towel racks to the bathroom for a relatively low investment.

These small upgrades may feel insignificant, but they can be quite impactful on the bathroom’s decor.