Did you know that replacing your garage door can increase its resale value when it is time to sell your home? If you think that it might be time for a new garage door but are feeling unsure about what extra features to install, you are in the right place.

image - Grand Entrances 5 Tips for a New Garage Door Installation

Grand Entrances 5 Tips for a New Garage Door Installation

Keep reading to learn our top tips that will help you with new garage door installation options.

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  1. WiFi Enabled Door Openers

Thanks to technology this is one of the hottest trends in the world of “smart” homes. They are not only convenient but you can monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere you are in the world, with your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you forget to close the door launch the app and check the status of your door and close it with the push of a button.

  1. Distinct Windows

Another tip for a new garage door installation is to choose unique glass inserts that complement your home’s architecture. These glass inserts can add curb appeal and bring more natural light into your garage.

Contacting a reputable company like Spotsylvania Garage Doors is a great idea when you are adding windows because they can help you make important decisions such as the size, shape, texture, and color of the windows.

  1. Swing Out Doors

If you are looking for something completely different than a swing-out garage door might be a great option for you. This is a wood carriage style door that will swing open instead of going up and down.

You can add windows to give the doors a more homey feel as well.

  1. Reclaimed Wood

With reclaimed wood being in style at the moment, you can opt for a garage door that is completely made of reclaimed wood. You can also opt to give your home a facelift and add reclaimed wood to certain exterior walls and accent the others with a neutral paint color such as white.

  1. Woodgrain Texture Steel Doors

If you love the wood look but want something that is mold resistant and that will last for years to come then a woodgrain steel door will give you the best of both worlds. This material is hard to tell apart from real wood, giving you the outdoorsy look you might be looking for and it will give you strength from the steel material.

There are plenty of finishes and styles to choose from, you can choose the best style to fit your taste.

Ready for Your New Garage Door Installation?

Now that you have our top trends and tips for a new garage door installation you can pick and choose your favorite ones. There is no better time like now to opt for a unique garage door feature instead of going with an “ordinary” and traditional garage door option.

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