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How to Install a Garage Door the Right Way

Are you wondering how to install a garage door? You’re not alone.

It was found that 90% of homeowners plan to remodel their homes at some point in life. More than half will renovate their homes within two years of moving in.

image - How to Install a Garage Door the Right Way
How to Install a Garage Door the Right Way

The cost of improving the look of one’s home is taken into great consideration by homeowners. Some may update the design while others alter the look completely depending on their budget.

You don’t have to break your wallet to make make your home look nice. If you can DIY or find the right workers, you can save hundreds to thousands.

Here’s how.

How to Install a Garage Door in Your Home

You’ll need to have an open-wrench, socket, level, hammer, and all the other important bits handy. You could complete the replacement the same day if you’re committed.

If you do not have all the material, you can easily go out to most hardware stores to find them.

You’ll have to release tension from the old door to remove it, then add the new panels.

Securing the hinges and adding the spring to the track is next before connecting the pieces together. The rods, pulleys, and cables should be triple-checked for security.

If you’ve never replaced a garage door, take the symmetry into consideration. If the garage door is not even, the foundation, even after all your work, is bad. You’ll have to start over again.

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Professional Installation When You Need It

It’s okay if you have no clue how to fix or install something in your home. The desire to work on a project may be there, but plenty of homeowners fear messing up. If it doesn’t turn out well, it’s a waste of money.

Some jobs are harder than others. For example, changing a standard door is quick and easy, but you’re likely to want professional help.

If you don’t have the experience, availability, or patience to fix a garage door on your own, it’s better to have it professionally installed. For example, a professional home improvement service like Ohana Garage Doors is an excellent idea.

Maybe the garage door isn’t the issue, but the tracks. It could a faulty spring or roller. Having a professional there inform you of the issue, provide an opinion, and collaborate with you is helpful.

They help fix what’s wrong or make a vision come to life and work with you to build a unique door of your very own.  Some homes have different-sized doors that are bigger or smaller than the standard—so customization is important.

Decide on Your Type of Home Improvement

In America, homeowners spend $10,000-85,000 to renovate their homes. 52% are willing to repair what’s broken, and 58% are willing to renovate with that money. 68% will only use that money on decorating.

Homeowners can save money by painting their own walls, installing window trim, overlaying a countertop with new granite, or learning how to install a garage door by themselves.

Whether you decide on DIY or get a professional, do what works for you. If you found this blog helpful, be sure to check our other posts.

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