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Window Treatment: Do’s and Don’ts

Getting the right window treatment might be a highly difficult task for most of the building owners.

Some aspects like changing the window covers will be a huge hassle for the housewives. For every home, window treatment is highly functional and it is aesthetic in covering placed inside or near the windows.

image - Window Treatment - Do's and Don'ts
Window Treatment – Do’s and Don’ts

Most probably, the window treatment serves to offer those who are inside the building with some privacy and control over the natural light to enter into the home or building.

So, these window covering works as insulators to keep some control over the air in summer and make the place warmer during the winter.

To achieve the complete benefits of the window treatment, you need to follow certain dos and don’ts with the window treatment. Continue reading to know some of it.

Dos with the Window Treatment

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  1. Choose the Right Length of the Window Curtains

When you are choosing the long curtains, they will be more formal but less in functional look.

Also, when you are looking for the classic side for your drapery window, you should opt for a curtain that will be long enough to cover the window space.

Your curtain should be at least 12 inches above and below the window frame.

Also, it should be at least 6 inches long on the sides of the windows. This will be suitable for all the rooms.

image - Choose the Right Length of the Window Curtains
Choose the Right Length of the Window Curtains
  1. Use Layer Sheer Curtains

The application of the layer sheer curtains will be more suitable when you need to invite enough light and brightness to your room.

In case, if you need more privacy and shade, you can look for slightly heavier drapes. These layers in the curtains will also allow you to enjoy the style and functions of the entire room.

When you need to enjoy the time with your family, you can remove the curtains or slide them aside and enjoy the brightness in the room.

image - Use Layer Sheer Curtains
Use Layer Sheer Curtains
  1. Install the Blinds

Many times, the shade of the space will dictate the window treatment that you need to use in your home.

If the architecture of the building does not all have the rod or hung across the wall, the room has dormer windows or slanted ceilings on the group of the windows around one corner, the option of blinds would be the most suitable option.

Also, the blinds will add aesthetic choice and this will make the entire home to be so dramatic and enhance the mood of the people.

Most people think that blinds have to be used only in the offices, but it is not so. It is the best option for homes as well.

image - Install the Blinds
Install the Blinds
  1. The Curtain on the Floor

When you are using the curtains, it should be suitable for the windows or it should be long enough to touch the floor. When you decide to use the curtain that touches the floor, it is the better choice.

Measure the required height of the curtain from the floor to the top of the window and buy with the right measurements.

For the tailored look, drapes should puddle slightly, kiss the floor or hover one and a half-inch above the window. This will give the fulfilled view to the window.

image - The Curtain on the Floor
The Curtain on the Floor
  1. Employ the Treatment Based on the Room

Every room in your house is unique and it will offer you a piece of the story. Choosing the curtain for a kitchen that fits for the bedroom will not be recommended.

So, you need to discuss the right one regarding the right selection of the curtains based on the room.

Don’ts With the Window Curtain

  1. One Size Will Not Fix all the Needs

The way you treat the light, noise or temperature, will be different based on the room. At the same time, the curtain plays a vital role when it comes to dealing with these factors.

Also, the windows would be different in size. So, choose the right curtain that will fit all these needs.

  1. Try Using Few Different Layering Styles

Some people would prefer different layers in different rooms. This is not recommended as it will not offer the aesthetic appearance for the entire home.

You can change the thickness of the curtain, but looking for a different layer can be avoided.

  1. Randomly Choosing the Blinds

When you are choosing the blinds, you should be appropriate with the quality of it. It is not good to choose the blinds that will offer you good in appearance, but poor with the quality and your needs.

Consider several things like the pets, children, etc in the home and choose the blinds accordingly.

The Bottom Line

So, you have now got an idea about the things that you need to do and avoid to bring out the aesthetic view for your home.

Make sure you are following all these appropriately and enjoy the complete benefits of these curtains.

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