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Replacing Windows and Doors Kitchener in an Old Home

Most people look at the condition of their windows and doors Kitchener to decide whether they will replace them or not, but the age of your home should be the main determinant.

Sometimes your windows might not show signs of wearing out, but the walls will have the signs.

image - Replacing Windows and Doors Kitchener in an Old Home
Replacing Windows and Doors Kitchener in an Old Home

A broken window seal allows moisture in the house, and this can cause rotting on the window frame.

Some frames start rotting inside, and you will not know until the rot is transferred to the walls.

While you might not notice it on your windows and doors Kitchener, you will realize a change in your walls as the house ages.

1. Windows and Doors on Old Homes

Old homes were built with unique materials that you might not find in the market today.

Although most of these windows and doors Kitchener are wood, today’s wood is different.

Since it is hard to find an exact replacement window for these homes, caretakers of old houses are more careful with the windows.

They have to keep checking for the slightest damages and repair before it is too late.

Damages like cracks can be repaired using another wood or adding a wood patty to the crack.

2. Repair or Replace 100-Year-Old Windows

Finding an exact replacement for old windows Kitchener in today’s era is not easy.

Most of the used materials to make the windows have either gone extinct, or manufacturers no longer make such.

Also, most people built modern homes nowadays, making it hard to find old house materials.

Homeowners of over 100 years’ homes prefer to repair their windows. However, the choice of whether to repair or replace depends on the extent of the damage.

Windows made of materials like wood can be repaired by repainting and strengthening the window with another wood.

Although wood is resistant to water, it swells and can start rotting.

The rotting might not be visible on the window, but it can later be transferred to the walls.

You will notice some green coloring on your walls sooner or later, which can cause the growth of mold in your house.

Windows made from hardwood can last over 30 years, but less quality wood will not last a long time.

If your windows have absorbed water and are rotting, you can still save them by installing an insert.

This will stop the rotting and make the window stronger, increasing its lifespan. The key thing to having your windows for a longer time is assessing their condition often.

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3. What Benefits do You Get from Replacing Old Windows and doors?

Whether you noticed the damage through your window or walls, replacing your windows and doors Kitchener can save you more losses.

Sometimes, the wall damage is not due to the damage to your windows.

When replacing, ensure you work with a window installer. They will assess the inside of your walls and repair what needs need to be repaired.

Also, if the windows are not the leading cause of wall damage, check for leaking roofs.

When detected early, the roof can also be repaired and solve the problem.

Assessing your windows often enables you to see where you need to caulk and add seals to prevent moisture from entering your house.

Replacing your windows and doors Kitchener will give your home a myriad of benefits.

Just, in a nutshell, your home will be more energy-efficient, more secure and that will ultimately enhance its value.

4.Replace to Abide by The Law

Some construction laws were passed when the old buildings were already in place.

These laws require your house to have an emergency exit and the windows Kitchener to be of a certain width and length.

Since the 100-year-old homes do not fit these rules, homeowners have to do window replacements.

Ensure you get a certified contractor who knows what the law requires because you might need to create new windows in your house.

Also, when replacing, ensure you go for designs that mimic your home’s architecture.

Installing a modern window on your historical home will tamper with its architecture and reduce the house’s beauty.

Installing different windows from your home’s architecture also reduces your home’s value.