Fire resistant doors and windows enhance the protection of property from fire by restricting it from spreading across the building.

By installing Sacramento doors and windows made from cold rolled or hot rolled steel you can keep away fires from spreading for a variable duration ranging between 20 and 90 minutes. The time is valuable in taking adequate action to protect lives and property that becomes the top agenda at times of fire.

Although wooden fire doors are also good, its use remains limited because it can work well in lower ranges of fire rating that does not exceed 60 minutes. However, if you want higher fire rating, fire resistant steel doors and windows are the best choice because the minimal thickness of metal doors starts at 45 mm that assures longer duration of fire resistance.

Door Selection with a Focus on Fire Rating and Door Location Is Critical For Effective Working of Fire-Resistant Doors


Save Life and Property

Steel doors and windows with suitable fire rating ensure better protection to people during a fire and minimize property damage especially when the fire rages for a longer duration. Fire doors duly labeled and certified have excellent abilities to prevent the spread of fire and smoke for up to 3 hours.

Steel doors are not only better in resisting fire and smoke from spreading but also an economical alternative to fire doors made from wood. If you are looking for a fire-resistant door with a 3-hour fire rating, then steel doors are the only choice.

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Location of Doors Determine the Fire Rating

Since fire resistant doors are available in different fire rating and the construction of doors and its cost vary accordingly, you must place the right doors at the right place to optimize the cost. It means that the location of the door determines what kind of fire rating would be suitable.

For example, the main doors of a building that provides entry and exit to the building as well as doors that divide a building into several designated fire areas should typically have a wall rating of 4 hours and fire rating of 180 minutes or 3 hours.

Similarly, doors at the elevator shafts and stairwells need doors with 90 minutes of fire rating while 1-hour fire rating for doors that demarcate the rooms would be ideal.

Door Shutting is Very Important

As much important it is to install the right type of fire-resistant doors at the right places, it is equally important to ensure that the doors close firmly and sit tight against the frame or else it will not be able to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

The biggest danger during a fire can happen if the doors do not shut properly. To ensure proper door closing, you must install an automatic door closure that provides prompt closing of the door whenever there is any gap between the door and the door frame.

The entire door system together with the door frame and accessories like door closures, hinges, latches, and locks must be fire rated too. Moreover, the installation also must be in accordance with the safety requirements by adhering to the build codes, or else it will render the door ineffective.