Featured of Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door: Time to Secure Your House

Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door: Time to Secure Your House

Are you renovating your house or perhaps wanting to increase the security on your property; or maybe looking forward to replacing an older one? Well, the first thing that might come to your mind is choosing the right material of the door – whether wooden, plastic, steel or a fibreglass door.

Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door: Time to Secure Your House

Time to Secure Your House: Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door

Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door: Time to Secure Your House

Listed below are some of the essential features that you must look for when buying a steel door:

  • Strong and Solid

Check the weight of the door and inspect thoroughly for its strength and solidity. Choosing the right steel door requires an eye of an expert, and therefore, it is mostly advised to consult a professional door installer like Associated Garage Doors and ask for his insights on your search for the right steel door. Although most of the steel doors are solid, it is always better to check for its solidity before buying.

  1. Check the weight of the door.
  2. Make sure the steel door is not hollow.
  3. Look out for a solid steel door.
  • Good Layout

It is always advised to choose a steel front door which is durable yet presentable. Make sure the door has a good layout and comes with good cut out edges. With a resurgence of steel in the recent past, the steel industry is seen to be evolving tremendously.

Good Layout - Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door

Good Layout (Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door)

The wide range of commercial steel doors in varying styles and layouts is an evident example of the increased demand for steel in customers. Most of the times people consider wood as a better option for a front door but when asked for a professional door installer, the answer for a preferred front door material,  it turned out to be steel.

  • Should Be in Sync With Your Establishment

Do not just buy a steel door because it is aesthetically pleasing; it should be in sync with your establishment. Steel doors are well suited for exterior road facing properties that have to withstand heavy traffic, dust and dirt.

Not all kinds of steel doors go well with the frame of the house and specifically choosing the one that fits the front frame of the house is a difficult task. Well, a professional door installation company can help you choose the one that fits in your requirement.

  • A Sturdy and Strong Door Knob

One of the most important aspects that need to be adequately inspected when looking for a top quality steel door comes out to be a sturdy knob.

Strong and Sturdy Door Knob - Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door

Strong and Sturdy Door Knob (Essential Features to Look for in a Steel Door)

If you want to keep your property entirely safe and secure, make sure you check the knob closely and also inspect the lock mechanism used in the steel door. Most of the steel doors have an extended lock attached to it, but it is advised to look out for a steel door which has an already attached doorknob with a dual lock mechanism.

  • Cost Effective

Although a steel door will require a considerable investment, in the beginning, you can be sure that it will not require any secondary investment in the near future. With its low maintenance cost, easy cleaning and fire resistant quality steel doors have found its significant use in the current time. All you need is a damp piece of cloth to get its shine back, cutting on its maintenance cost and keeping it in a working condition for long.

Must Read:

  • Fire Resistance

This might amaze you, but a solid steel door can withstand strong heating conditions and requires a lot of time to catch fire and melt. Also when it comes to being more energy efficient, steel doors have more brownie points. If you are both, a budget-minded and also an environment concerned human being, using a steel door will always be the right option for you. A steel door uses minimal energy for heating up and cooling.

You can also consider installing advanced fire resistant doors with resistance up to 6 hours for increased security on your property.

  • Security

If not for anything but Security, steel doors are best used for ensuring safety and security on your property. A wooden door is easier to break and tamper than a solid steel door, and therefore, it will require more time for a thief to get into your property, giving your alarms enough time to shout out for a robbery. Steel made doors are also more resistant to strong winds and massive storms and, are, therefore, able to withstand rigorous weather conditions.

  1. Solid commercial steel doors are not easy to break
  2. It requires hours of rigorous heating to melt a piece of steel
  3. Solid steel bar hinges are not easy to unlock without a key

We are sure you must be deeply concerned with the safety and security of your staff and employees, and therefore, installing heavy-duty insulated front doors can help you achieve it with more ease. Hire a professional door installation company which will provide an easy, quick and hassle-free installation of doors at your property. When buying a suitable steel door make sure you have cross-checked with all the above-stated points and then choose it according to the frame of your house or office.

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