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How to Turn an Old Home into a More Saleable One

When you decide that it is time to sell your home, always remember that you are entering a competitive industry or marketplace where numerous houses might offer the same features that your house has.

It is vital that you stand out and spend time planning and making your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

So, the question is, how can you make your home more appealing to prospective buyers? Spending more to make your home more saleable is not always the answer.

We are listing some of the basic things you have to remember to make your home stand out and more marketable.

image - How to Turn an Old Home into a More Saleable One
How to Turn an Old Home into a More Saleable One

Clean Your House

Before anything else, make sure that your house is clean. While this is overlooked most of the time, this is a very crucial aspect.

Imagine having a house that is fully furnished but messy, would you feel comfortable living in it? We know the answer to that.

Thus, if you are selling your house, make sure to clean it; you may do it yourself or avail of cleaning service to make sure every corner is cleaned.


Learn more about what prospective buyers both nearby and far away are looking for in a house. Check and compare your house to some places sold and see what you can offer unique to prospective buyers and make your home stand out.

Check if your location is a go-to for buyers and prospective realtors. Educating yourself with the process of selling would help you sell your home faster and at a more valuable price.

Plan Ahead

Suppose you are considering doing some major makeovers to your home. Consider the allotted funds, resources, and personnel that you have in making that decision.

Ask yourself if you would need to do a complete overhaul of your home, or just minor renovations would do. Planning helps you to think about what is necessary over what is only aesthetically needed critically.

Consider Repainting Your Home

You can decide to do the repainting by yourself with the help of family members or friends. If you feel that your painting skills are inadequate, hire the best painting service provider in your area.

Go for the neutral colors or, better yet, consider modern but not too dark colors to make that home look expensive and also stand out from the competition.

Get an Expert

Take time to get an expert or a realtor with a good track record. They will not just help you out in selling your home, but they can also help you increase the possibility of knowing what the value of your home is.

They can help you find out if your home is in a viable location or if you would need to consider significant renovations or just simple ones too. Listen to what they have to say. After all, they are the experts.

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Up Your Home Appeal

The exterior is the very first thing that prospective buyers will see both in person and in pictures. Consider making minor changes on the surface of your home, such as adding more plants or fixing the pathway, considering adding lights or repainting your house’s exterior as well.

Check for any minor things that might need fixing. Simple things you can look out for would be upgrading the doorknobs or some pots for your plants.


Personalizing your home is a must but consider that prospective buyers want a home to feel they belong if you are selling your home. Prospective buyers will love seeing a home that they feel is fit for them and that they see themselves living in it for a long time.

Check your Lighting and Fixtures

Have a technician come over and look at the fixtures, lighting, and also sockets. By doing so, you are avoiding any unforeseen problems that prospective buyers might again ask of you.

You can also add this to your list of positives about your home. Prospective buyers would love to know that you have made it easier for them to know that the house is really in good condition.

Replace lighting and fixtures that are old and try choosing more modern ones stick to a theme. Your prospective buyers would love to see a house ready to be occupied and contemporary, and up to date.

Always remember that selling your home is not just like selling any product in the market. You would need to consider checking even the slightest and smallest details that make up your home.

Sometimes, the minor changes or updates that you make to the house that you are selling make a whole lot of difference. Always consider familiarizing yourself with how the market for home selling goes. Do not forget, and do not be afraid to ask for help from experts too.