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Different Types of Bricklaying Tools

It is important to have all the tools available for laying the bricks. In life, you may face situations where you don’t have to depend on others to do the basic masonry work if you had been familiar with the basic masonry skills and tools required to finish the work.

Sometimes you need to do complicated work like smoothening the walls and making the walls through with the help of bricklaying tools.

image - Different Types of Bricklaying Tools
Different Types of Bricklaying Tools

If you are not familiar with the tools and techniques of the work, you might get stuck, your work might be delayed.

But you don’t have to worry as we will help you to get yourself familiarized with bricklaying tools.

Here are the bricklayers tools and bricklayers tool list :


This tool might appear to be small but it serves many purposes. Without it, bricklaying work can not be completed.

This is used in spreading the concrete, making a static shape on the wall, and leveling the concrete on the wall.

Trowels are made of materials like stainless steel. They are very hard and strong and can easily function on hard surfaces.

It has a pointed nose and blade that is used to spread the concrete and mortar. They fill the small hole between the walls and tight corners of the floor.

They can accommodate the different blades as per the requirement of the work.


Hammer is the most common tool that you have often come across around your surroundings.

They are used to break the bricks or for some other purposes. And hammers are also of different types.

One type of hammer is flat from both sides and another type has a sharp blade from one side and a flat surface from the other side.

It has a grip on the handle to withstand the vibration and shock that is created by hitting it on hard surfaces. The size of the hammer also varies in different ways.

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If you have the work that requires shifting the concrete material such as the cement. It has a wide steel blade and a sharp tip that comes in various types.

It is also used to dig the surface. You also need to wear safety tools to get protection from harm.


This tool looks easy and tiny but doesn’t go by its shape or size and it can do huge work. It is a strong tool that is used to cut or shape hard materials like bricks and stone.

If you want to cut the small surface of the bricks. This comes as a handy tool. Various kinds of chisel are available in the market such as the brick chisel, cold chisel, masonry chisel, plugging chisel. Each of them is designed for some specific use.


A hawk is a plate-like tool that is used for carrying the material so that you can finish your work quickly without going to another place.

You can also use it for holding joint compounds for objectives like tape and jointing. It is small in size and can be easily carried around the places.

It has an around 11 inches square board and a perpendicular handle situated in the center of the back of the board.

Tape measurement

It is important to have the tape to measure the various things. Without it, you can not perform the work with precision.

When you lay a brick on the wall, you have to measure it with the help of the tape if you are putting the brick in the right way.

You can easily gauge the brick quantities and height of the wall. Apart from it, you can use it to calculate the length and width of the doors and windows.

Steel square tools

You will find a steel square tool in the carpenter’s toolbox. But it is also applicable in the brick masons.

It is also known as the brick mason’s square. It allows the user to see the outside and inside corners.

It has two arms of different sizes. Its longer arm is known as the blade and the smaller arm is called the tongue.

Both of the arms converge at the right angle. It is manufactured from steel and it comes in various shapes and sizes.

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