The paint zoom sprayer comes up with an instruction manual. That shows you how you can set your machine up, use it, clean it, and keep it safe.

This user manual is really helpful and it’s great actually. You need to follow that for purposes.

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How to Clean Paint Zoom Sprayer

Now, when it comes to you cleaning the paint zoom, you may feel it’s a bit messy task to deal with.

Well, cleaning the paint zoom isn’t that tough. You just need to follow some steps to get it super cleaned like a new one.

In this article, we’ll be telling you how to clean paint zoom sprayer. If you don’t know how to set it up and you can’t use it properly, click here!

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Cleaning Your Paint Zoom Spray Gun

To prevent making a huge mess, you need to use different buckets to make the paint. You can’t use the paint container to mix water as well.

It’ll make a big mess. Keep some extra pots and containers with you when you’re making the paint, they come pretty handily. Besides, cleaning the mess on an external pot is pretty easy.

Cleaning your paint gun is pretty important. It makes sure that paint colors are not mixed together as the previous one is cleaned.

Besides, it makes sure that you’re getting the smoothest flow of paint out of your painting gun.

After unscrewing the paint container, drain the leftovers in a sealed container and store them safely. Using the sealed container is pretty important as you’ll need to use the paint later on.

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Now, after draining paints, fill the paint container with warm water. Not too much warm, a little will do.

Set up the hose and trigger the paint gun. Let the paint drain in a bucket until the water is paint-free. The primary cleaning process of your paint gun is now done.

After getting everything done, you need to run a hard cleaning process for your spray gun. Remove the suction tube from the gun.

Remove the sprayer head and other parts on the front. Remove the flow controller and everything.

If you used water-based paints, you need to soak all of the parts in hot soapy water to clean up. You can also soak them in thinner if you use oil-based paints.

After a while, clean them perfectly and dry them with a piece of dry cloth.


Keeping your spray gun clean is a must. If you want your spray gun to last longer, you need to clean the spray gun on a regular basis.

Cleaning increases the lifespan of your paint gun and makes your actions smooth. The paint flow remains perfect when it’s cleaned and it stops mixing paint color as well.

Taking good care of your tools is important.