If you want to keep your garden healthy and clean, you need to make sure that the garden plants are getting sufficient sunlight and water, good soil quality.

These factors add to the sustainability of the growth of the garden plants.

Although sunlight, water, and good soil are a gift of nature, you need to have the essential garden tools to maintain your garden.

The right gardening tools will help you take care of the plants and you’d be able to have good growing conditions in your garden.

image - Tow Behind Sprayer With Boom

Tow Behind Sprayer With Boom

If you use defective gardening tools, it could destroy your beautiful garden. They could be detrimental to the health of your plants.

You need to find the essential gardening tools which give you good quality work with less labor requirement.

Tow behind sprayer with boom is an important gardening essential that has the ability to spread any form of the liquid in a short span of time.

Whether you want to apply pesticides or fertilizer to the plants or you want to water the vegetables and flowers in your garden, a tow behind sprayer is going to be quite useful.

With a tow behind sprayer with a boom, you are able to cover a large area without the need of making a second trip.

Moreover, you are able to efficiently provide the required chemicals to the plants without any risk of exposure to it.

Why Buy a Tow-Behind Sprayer with a Boom?

A tow behind sprayer with a boom makes it easier for you to cover large areas because of the multiple nozzles attached to it.

It comes with amazing thoroughness that allows you to travel around the garden at a constant speed with multiple nozzles spraying the essential chemicals.

In this way, you are able to easily cover all the spots with uniform coverage. Someone using a boomless sprayer might miss some spots of the garden which makes the coverage less thorough.

Boom or Boomless Sprayer: What Should You Have?

Whether to buy a boom or boomless sprayer? It depends on your spraying requirement and application.

If you are wondering whether to choose a tow behind sprayer with boom buys a bottomless sprayer, we have the answer for you.

It is best to use a boomless sprayer around objects like fences, poles, and on uneven ground. However, if you are up for a field spray, you can get the job done with a boom sprayer.

The boomless tow behind the sprayer is suitable for spot coverage areas. It does not give you better coverage compared to tow behind the sprayer with a boom.

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Advantage of Buying a Tow-Behind Sprayer with Boom

Still not sure which sprayer to buy? Let’s learn about the advantages of the pull behind sprayer with a boom.

If you are looking for a convenient way of spraying pesticides, and herbicides on the plants of your garden, a sprayer with a boom gives you many advantages.

You are able to cover a large area without wasting your time and product.

Moreover, you don’t have to carry the equipment in your hands to do the job. You can attach it to the back of the ATV or truck.

Here are the few benefits of using a tow behind sprayer with boom.

Less Affected by Wind:

In general, winds become an issue when you are spraying the lawn with essential pesticides. However, if you are using a tow behind sprayer with a boom, it is less affected by it.

Make sure that you are using the sprayer while keeping the boom height lower to prevent the chemical from drifting in the wind.

The tow-behind sprayer produces small to medium size droplets that give you thorough coverage.

Be mindful of the speed and direction of the wind while you are spraying pesticides and fertilizers in your garden.

Improved Coverage:

The tow-behind sprayers that come with a boom give you a wide range of coverage. With the improved coverage, you are able to maintain the vegetables and plants of the garden. There is minimal crop damage.

Dry Booms vs Wet Booms

Dry Booms:

Dry booms do not come with any liquid pipe. They are fed with the hose.

Wet Booms:

The wet booms usually come with a liquid pipe and allow you to spray the chemicals in a wider area.

While the wet booms give you extensive coverage, the dry boom also gives you a sufficient amount of coverage.


A boom on the tow behind the sprayer is essential if you need to cover a large land area.

The sprayer comes with nozzle equipment which you can attach with the vehicle and reach more than 80 inches.

If you want to spray a large field, then the boom is an integral part of the tow behind the sprayer that delivers the pesticide efficiently.

The boom could also affect the performance and precision of the chemical delivery system.