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10 DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Backyard Living Space

How often do you like to hold events and gatherings at your backyard? Are you looking to improve your backyard living space with a bar? If you are, then you found the right place for DIY outdoor ideas.

DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Backyard Living Space
10 DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Backyard Living Space

For many Americans, backyard BBQs is an awesome way for bonding and fellowship. Thus, it comes as no surprise that 75% of American adults own a grill or smoker.

Below, we have 10 awesome outdoor bar ideas for BBQ parties, backyard events, or general hangouts.

10 DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

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1. Poolside Outdoor Bar Ideas

Do you enjoy taking a dip in your pool? Do you sometimes find it exhausting to have to get out of the water to get a bottle of beer to enjoy in the water? So why not add a swim-up pool bar to your backyard?

You don’t even have to dig a whole section of the ground out for this DIY. All you need to do is install a low bar-like area on a shallow corner of the pool. Add blocks for sitting that have surfaces peeking out of the water so swimmers can still enjoy the bar table.

2. Mounted Floating Shelves

If you want to learn how to build an outside bar right on your porch, here’s an idea for you. Outdoor shelving is always a great space saver for smaller areas.

Spruce it up with décor like lanterns,

3. Wooden Bar Cart

If you want something you could move around the backyard, build a mobile bar using a wooden cart instead. Stock it up with cold drinks and roll it out for your backyard party crowd. It’s also a great serving cart for when you’re planning a romantic dinner date in the yard.

This is one of the easier DIY outdoor bar ideas since you only need to make the cart. All you need to do is to beautify an old cart. When you’re not using it as a bar cart, you can use it as a plant stand in the meantime.

4. Outdoor Stove with a Cooler

Planning to renovate your backyard or add an outdoor stove? While you’re on the task, why not include a cooler-sized space at one end? That way, you could enjoy a beer while you’re waiting for your food to cook.

If you want, you can build in an ice chest while the project is in progress. This way, you only have to refill it with ice during backyard events. You could even mount a cupboard over the ice chest for your glasses.

5. Drop Down Murphy Bar

Here’s an idea for a drink and cocktail prep area. It’s easy to DIY this with the right materials and enough elbow grease. You could even keep all the bottles and glasses in it even when it’s folded up.

The murphy bar makes an awesome space-saving extension and it’s quick to put away too. If you’re not drinking, it also makes for the perfect BBQ prep station. Remember to keep a couple of stools nearby so you could hang out at the murphy bar whenever you want.

6. Sliding Bar Top with a Cooler Underneath

Here’s a clever DIY backyard bar idea for the space saver. Grab your hammer and wooden boards and get ready to build this awesome piece of backyard furniture. You could even add wheels to make the bar mobile if you want.

Allow some space under the sliding side for an ice bucket and other things. Remember to install a bottle opener on a corner or two. Also, you could keep it stylish with some matching furniture from this homepage.

7. Ice-Filled Wheelbarrow for Beer

Are you not using your old wheelbarrow anymore? If you’ve ditched your heavy-duty gardening tool, here’s a new and perfect use for it. All you need to do is fill it up with ice and beer.

It’s one of the best outside bar ideas for a mobile bar. It’s great to use for parties since a wheelbarrow can hold many more bottles than your usual tray. Don’t forget to scrub it down and clean it up beforehand, of course.

8. Space-Saving Deck Idea

Haven’t got enough space in your backyard but you want a bar anyway? Create a DIY patio bar on the patio railing maximizes your space.  Top the railing with a wooden board for the table.

Bring out some high stools and you’re good to go. You could hang out with a friend in the shade of your patio and drink cold beer in the summer months. It’s a great place to watch over the kids playing in the pool, too.

9. Repurposed Potting Bench

Are your potted little plants not so little anymore? If they’ve grown out of the potting bench, it may be time to upcycle that bench into something else. It’s already decorative so all you have left to do is clean it up and turn it into a bar.

It’s a great way to turn your garden furniture into a bar for your garden or backyard. It’s perfect because it has all the space you’ll need for an outdoor bar. You can also use it as a temporary bar if you plan to garden again.

10. Upcycled Ladder Bar

Here’s an easy DIY outdoor bar project. All you need is an old wooden ladder, some wooden boards, and wood glue. If you want to pretty it up, then don’t forget your paint.

Open the ladder up and then insert the boards over each rung. If you want to allow more space for wine bottles and such, then skip a step. If you want to keep the ladder usable, don’t glue the boards onto it.

It’s a great outdoor bar idea for backyard events like BBQs or backyard parties. You can even use it on a wedding party since it has tiers like a typical wedding cake would have.

Create Your Ideal Backyard

That’s it for our list of 10 awesome outdoor bar ideas for DIY lovers. DIY projects are always the friendliest projects for your wallet. They are also great for refining your crafting skills and practical creativity.

Don’t stop here! There are more important tips and tricks to discover. If you want to see more awesome content like this, feel free to check out our other guides.

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