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Does Concrete Resurfacing Last?

With time, your concrete will get eroded. One way to make old and damaged concrete regain a fresh look is through concrete resurfacing.

During this process, a concrete coating is introduced to the old surface to rejuvenate it. The distinct binding agents present in the concrete coating helps it to form a link with the original concrete, resulting in a tough and compact floor.

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Does Concrete Resurfacing Last

For those looking for a decorative finishing for their pool decks, patios, indoor floors, or even their driveway, concrete resurfacing is perfect for them.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Just as the name implies, concrete resurfacing involves the removal of the top layer, repair of minor cracks, and addition of a new layer using a resurfacer instead of replacing the whole concrete.

Although the result of resurfacing appears like the old look, it is not entirely the same.

The Durability of A Resurfaced Concrete

A resurfaced concrete has strong bonding properties. This makes it last for a long period. On average, a resurfaced floor can last for eight to fifteen years. In some special cases, it can even last for as long as 20 years.

In order to ensure that your resurfaced concrete lasts long, you should endeavor to only employ the services of a professional concrete raising and repair company like Concrete Hero instead of going the ‘DIY’ route.

Professionals will study your terrain and help determine the best concrete coating mixture for it. Another way to make sure your concrete lasts long is by cleaning and protecting the resurfaced floor

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Preparation of Resurfaced Concrete

One of the most important factors to consider while preparing for resurfacing is concrete preparation. A properly prepared substrate will allow the overlay to adhere strongly to the base.

This stage should be taken seriously. This is because an oversight or carefree attitude in concrete preparation is one of the predominant causes of failure in the overlay.

The use of machines like shot blaster or grinder that crunch concrete is an excellent way of preparing substrates used for resurfacing.

Steps in Surface Preparation

There should be proper cleaning of the proposed surface to be repaired. This included the removal of dirt, oil, grease, and other unwanted material that might be present.

Proper cleaning enables adhesion of overlay. Another thing to make sure of is the removal of broken concrete. Filling of cracks and spots to achieve uniformity of surface as well as profiling of the surface for overlay gripping is also important.

Step by Step Process of Resurfacing

  • Power wash the surface to be repaired
  • Prime the cracks on the surface with concrete
  • Reinforce the primed cracks with fabric
  • Carefully apply an elastomeric coat to the fabric
  • Crunch the polymer concrete properly to align with the concrete around it.
  • Fill holes with epoxy mortar.
  • Apply prime coat and granule broadcast to the carefully repaired surface.
  • Prepare and spray polymer concrete on the repaired surface with the aid of a hopper gun.
  • Use a trowel to smooth out the texture coat and you have ready a resurfaced concrete. Although depending on what is needed, a color coat and seal coat can be added.

In resurfacing, there are different looks. Examples of common looks are; broom finish application, spray down texture, stamped concrete overlay, metallic pigments, etc.

Common Resurfacing Projects

Pool Deck Resurfacing Projects

This project involves either an upgrade or a repair of the damaged concrete. In this case, the overlay used is usually a tiny layer of sand, cement, and other adhesives.

Options in pool resurfacing include; concrete pool deck paint,  spray texture overlay,  and stamped concrete overlay.

Concrete Driveway Repair

Although driveways are designed to last for a long time. Still, discoloration, cracks, and settlement may reduce the lifespan.

Thankfully, the driveway can be repaired through concrete resurfacing. The first step in driveway repair is to determine the cause of the problem followed by the identification of the best method of repair.

Patio Resurfacing

Patios with little damage can be repaired instead of total removal of the patios. It can either be stained, stamped, stenciled, or color graded. All these can be achieved through concrete resurfacing.

Garage Floor Coating

This coating is usually done to upgrade the look of the garage and hide little deformities that might be present.

Common options include; concrete stain, concrete sealer, floor paint, rubber paints, polyurea, floor tiles, etc.

Generally, the flooring requires skills and expertise. Trying to do it yourself will eventually cost you more since you will have to call an expert to help fix the mess you have made.