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Does High Pressure Cleaning Work, and is it Safe on All Surfaces?

We’ve always relied on water for cleansing purposes, but placing the liquid in a high-pressure situation supercharges its abilities. Ben from Off Your Wall shares with us some key notes about why your home or business can benefit from this power solution.

image - Does High Pressure Cleaning Work, and is it Safe on All Surfaces
Does High Pressure Cleaning Work, and is it Safe on All Surfaces

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It Gives an Instant Makeover

Using high pressure to clean is an extremely effective way to remove dust and dirt from surfaces, but also more hard-to-remove stains.

Marks and messes on driveways, walls, or concrete can make a property look uncared for. By cleaning it regularly, you can keep it shining like it’s new.

It beats other cleaning methods hands down because it can clean all corners and folds of surfaces and flush out the grime.

It Removes Dirt Quickly

Wiping down wall surfaces to remove stains takes a lot of physical effort, and time. With high-pressure cleaning methods, it’s quick and easy.

The water is sprayed from an adjustable nozzle, so it’s simple to control the pressure and amount of water you need to get the job done effectively.

You’ll be able to remove a spot or clean a surface with one sweep of the hose. It doesn’t get easier, or quicker than that.

It Saves Water

The reason a high-pressure cleaning is low on water usage is that the water is released at high speed. It does the job quickly, meaning excessive and prolonged water use isn’t needed.

Think about it like this. Regular cleaning requires you to first soak the surface in order to soften the dirt. Then more water is necessary to wash it off.

With high-pressure water cleaning, there is no water wastage. With water shortages becoming a concern for cities, do your bit and make the most out of your water usage.

It Will Improve the Value of the Property

A well-maintained and clean building improves the resale value. Potential buyers will take note that you rate maintenance and cleanliness as important.

It will give them the impression that everything is in working order and, therefore, a safe purchase without hidden issues. Investing in cleaning your property with this method will pay off when it comes time to sell.

A company that specializes in high-pressure water cleaning is always recommended. They are familiar with the correct pressures to use on various surfaces. However, here are some top tips, and what you need to know about high-pressure cleaning.

  • The size of the nozzle is crucial. The smaller the nozzle orifice, the higher the water pressure will be.
  • When using the cleaner, the nozzle must always be in motion to prevent the water from cutting into the surface you are cleaning.

There are also steps you can take as a property owner to prevent the growth of mold and grime. This means you will need to use the services of a high-pressure cleaning company less often than you would otherwise. Here are some of the things to watch out for:

  • Trees that overhang walls or concrete areas can create staining. The leaves that drop may contain sap or tannins. When these get wet, the residue seeps into concrete and stains it.
  • When trees block sunlight from entering a part of your property, it can drive the growth of mold and algae. You want to keep foliage trimmed to ensure all areas remain sunny, and therefore dry.
  • Garden beds, or grass, that edges pathing and concrete areas can lead to off flows of water onto the concrete. Dirt settles, and this leads to mold To prevent mold accumulating, make sure the lawn is kept lower than the concrete. You could also add edging to prevent the dirt from shifting.
  • Any parts of a property that are exposed to blocked drains or have poor drainage will speed up the growth of mold. If water cannot disperse, it will pool. When it eventually dries, it leaves a residue. When this happens multiple times, it can leave a nasty stain. Make an effort to keep drains unblocked and free of leaves.
  • Burst or leaking taps and pipes can also create the ideal environment for algae and mold to form. They also attract ants and termites that can mark or damage surfaces with their mud tunnels and trails.

The key is to clean up dirt or grime as soon as you notice it. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to clean it off. Stubborn stains that have been ignored for too long may even require additional chemicals to help clean the problem area.

Worse, you could be left with permanent stains requiring you to repaint. This is costly and unnecessary if you commit to high-pressure water cleaning as a solution.

Swift and regular high-pressure cleaning, on the other hand, means marks are quick and easy to clean. Aim to call in a crew once a year to clean your property.

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