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Dying Grass? Here’s How to Revitalize Your Lawn

Are you wondering “why is my grass dying?”

There are many different reasons that your lawn could be dying. So, how do you get started fixing the issue?

Below, we’ve got the top tips to help you identify why your lawn is dying and help you fix it today. Read on!

image - Dying Grass Here's How to Revitalize Your Lawn
Dying Grass Here’s How to Revitalize Your Lawn

It’s Too Hot

Are you asking the question, “Why is my grass dying in the summer?” If so, the answer might be the weather.

If it’s too hot and your grass isn’t getting enough water, your lawn is likely to start dying.

Your lawn needs water regularly in order to live, so make sure you’re using a sprinkler system or another method to water your lawn.

If your lawn is turning dry and brown in spots, it may be that there’s a buildup under the roots of your grass.

Raking your lawn regularly can help reduce buildup. You can also rent a dethatcher to get to the route of the problem.

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Watch Out for Bugs

If you’re seeing unusual bugs or grubs in your lawn, that’s a sign you may have a problem.

You can also test for bugs that you may not be able to see by pulling up some of your grass — if your lawn is infested, it will come up easily.

If bugs are invading your lawn, you’ll probably have to call in professionals to combat the issue.

Disease Can Kill Your Lawn

Brown spots or random substances on your lawn could be a sign that your lawn has contracted a disease. Fungus is one example of a disease that can affect your lawn.

Salt can also cause damage to your lawn. If you live in a chilly and cold climate and need to salt your driveway and sidewalks during the winter months, it’s important to keep your lawn protected from the damage salt can cause.

Aeration is one great strategy for combatting diseases that can cause damage to your lawn.

Lawn & Snow Landscape Complete LLC recommends aeration for lawns with thatch that’s thicker than half an inch.

Get Rid of Weeds Ruining Your Lawn

If your lawn is infested with weeds, it’s probably causing damage to your actual grass as well.

That’s why it’s important to regularly maintain your lawn and pull up any weeds you see in your lawn.

And, to keep your lawn nice and healthy, you should be sure to fertilize it regularly to keep it growing well.

If you’re unsure about what you should do, try talking to a lawn care professional to learn about the top ways you can maintain your lawn and keep it healthy.

Why Is My Grass Dying? Now You Know

Hopefully, now you’ve got the tools you need to identify, “Why is my grass dying?” Now, it’s time to execute your plan to get your lawn back in tiptop shape.

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