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6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs

California is a certified pest hub because of its moderate climate. Kitchens and pools are the major breeding grounds in many homes. Some of the most common bugs in California include ants, bedbugs, Bermuda grass, cockroaches, fleas and ticks, and lawn pests.

Here are six ways to get rid of common household bugs.

image - 6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs
6 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Common Household Bugs

Clean Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is a major breeding site for bugs in the household. Cockroaches are the number one menace in many homes. A clean kitchen is usually enough to keep them away. Foodstuff stored in the pantry, and the warmth in the oven, create excellent nesting spots for bugs and pests.

Ants prefer sugary items like sugar and icing powder in the kitchen. To get rid of ant, mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle and spray around the kitchen. Beetles prefer cake mixes, nuts, dried fruits, flour, and spices. Ensure that you store your foodstuff in airtight containers to keep beetles away from your kitchen. To rid your house of pesky flies, use basil around the house.

You can have potted basil around the home or crush dry basil leaves and apply the powder around the door frame. Always clean food crumbs after meals to ward off any uninvited guests to your home.

Seal any cracks and openings

Cracks in the walls and ceilings are major entry points for bugs in your home. Always inspect your home’s structure and seal any cracks or openings that might offer bugs an entryway into your house. Pay attention to overlooked areas like basement entries that might allow bugs into the house.

Spiders use cracks in the ceilings and roof to spin webs around your home. They can disturb your peace of mind, although they are not harmful. You can eradicate them using a mixture of water and lime or lemon applied to spider hot spots in the house. Ensure you clean your basement and garage often to get rid of unused items such as unworn clothing and bed linens that might harbor moths.

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Pool And Drainage Maintenance

Mosquitoes are a leading cause of Malaria in infants and are a challenge to homeowners. Mosquitoes find perfect breeding spots in unkempt pools and puddles around your property.

Always keep your pool clean and disinfected to discourage mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground. Stagnant puddles also contribute to mosquitoes and other bugs breeding on your property. Ensure that all drainage systems work and puddles are not left for too long on your property.

Wash Your Pets

Our furry friends can sometimes be pest carriers into our homes. Dogs are especially prone to fleas which can cause itchy bites. It is important to do regular checks on your pet.

The best way to ensure your pets are free from fleas is to bathe your pet with lukewarm water and mild soap. If you choose to use flea soap or disinfectant, consult your vet first because some pets are allergic to some of these products. You can use a flea comb to ensure your pet is free of fleas.

Use Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural extract of neem seeds and is an effective pest killer. It kills all types of pests, including cockroaches, termites and moths. Mix some neem oil and water in a spray bottle and apply to the infested areas. You will start seeing results immediately.

Some pests, such as bedbugs, may be difficult to eradicate, and you may need to use pest control.

Keep Your Compound Clean

Your lawn and garden are usually the first places in your home where pets and rodents find refuge. Any debris on your property can cause a termite or ant infestation around your home. It is important to clear your lawn of any debris to keep bugs away. Also, cut the grass on your lawn and around your property to keep mosquitoes and skunks away.

In some cases, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to get rid of these bugs. This calls for the need for professionals. If you live in Redding, California, there are several top pest control services of Redding CA that are easy to access and can make your house free of all the bugs.

A major concern of any homeowner is whether their home or property is prone to household bugs or pests. Dealing with bugs that are hard to eradicate can be quite challenging. These tips will make dealing with household bugs easier.

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