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Can Spraying Help Control Mosquitoes?

You wait all year for the good weather to arrive. You love to get outside when it is warm so you can soak up some sun.

There’s only one problem. Uninvited insects can crash any party. One of the worst nuisances around is mosquitoes.

Their incessant buzzing can send you indoors. Worse yet, their bites can be really irritating.

You can cover yourself in bug spray to try and keep them away, but then you smell like bug spray.

Another popular option could do the trick for you. Consider spraying to help control the mosquito population around your home.

image - Can Spraying Help Control Mosquitoes?
Can Spraying Help Control Mosquitoes?

This is Not a Do-It-Yourself Job

Thanks to the Internet, you are sure to find a host of mosquito sprays you might consider in your yard.

You might even find something in your local stores. Think twice before you try to do this job by yourself.

Backyard mosquito control systems should be put in place by trained professionals who have the proper equipment and training.

Your mosquito control team should also be knowledgeable about pesticides that have the EPA’s seal of approval when it comes to residential purposes.

You want to avoid using any chemicals that pose dangers to the environment, your pets, or your family.

If you try to go solo with a mosquito control project, you’re likely to spend more money as you use products that are ineffective.

Talk to Your Mosquito Control Company Before Spraying Begins

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before any type of chemical is used in your backyard to control your mosquito population.

Make sure insects that are not a nuisance will not be harmed by their spray. You don’t want to wipe out your honeybee population or attack the butterflies that add a splash of color to your yard.

Your mosquito control team should be able to show proof that they are certified to apply residential chemicals in your area.

If your pesticide experts can’t give you adequate credentials, keep looking until you are certified.

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Make Sure You Have a Follow-Up Plan

One visit is not going to be enough to control the horde of mosquitoes that invade your yard.

Your pest control company should plan on coming every thirty days while mosquitoes are a threat.

They can apply their first application of chemicals at the beginning of mosquito season. They will discontinue in the fall.

If for any reason you are being bothered by mosquitoes between scheduled visits, get in touch with your mosquito control team.

Take Natural Measures to Reduce the Mosquito Population

While you should not be spraying chemicals in your yard, you can do your part to keep the mosquito numbers down.

Do not allow water to pool in unwanted areas in your yard. If you notice water accumulating on top of lids or in buckets, get rid of it.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. You can also hang a bug zapper by your house or patio area to catch any stray insects.

Safeguard your pool or hot tub. They should always be covered in the evenings when they are no longer in use.

Talk to your mosquito control company or your pool experts about larvicide. This will eliminate mosquito larva in the water.

Running the filter regularly will also help you to keep your recreational water from becoming a breeding ground.

Citronella candles and large fans can also be helpful. As a final effort, keep your lawn trimmed. This will make your yard less inviting for unwanted insects.

An army of mosquitoes is no picnic. You can keep them from being a problem by being proactive.

Put protective measures in place in your yard. If you have a patio or gazebo, consider mosquito netting.

Consult with your mosquito control team about the best plan of attack when using chemicals.

Feel free to research approved chemicals to choose the option that is the best fit for your needs.

If young children and pets are going to be in your yard frequently, you want to be confident it is safe.

If your mosquito prevention experts don’t have the chemical you want, ask them to acquire it for you. As the customer, you are paying to get what you want.