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7 Emergency Garage Door Issues You May Encounter

Your garage door is one of those important things in your garage. They are pretty amazing as they are able to open and close as required. They are amazing until they are not able to close or open effectively.

image - 7 Emergency Garage Door Issues You May Encounter
7 Emergency Garage Door Issues You May Encounter

The garage doors issues can bring a lot of stress. Knowing what could go wrong before it happens could help you solve it easily.

Here are 7 emergency garage door issues you may encounter.

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1. Noisy Garage Door

There is nothing as an irritating noise coming from any door. It even gets worse if it is a garage door that is located next to someone’s bedroom.

The first issue that you may encounter is noise coming from your garage door when operating it. This will create a lot of discomfort in your household.

It is important to note the possible solutions to the noise. In case it is an issue that occurs once in a while, then you can just oil the moving parts such as the hinges.

Furthermore, you could check for loose parts of the door where the noise could be originating from.

However, in case you have a constant noise originating from the door then I would advise you to get maintenance from a qualified professional.

2. Faulty Garage Door Opener

Imagine you are getting home after a busy day and the door to your garage cannot open. If that is not too much, imagine you have an emergency and you need to leave in a rush.

However, one problem is that your garage door just won’t open! I can imagine the frustration.

This is probably what you will be encountering if you have a faulty garage door opener. Technically speaking, a garage door should be able to open and close easily.

A functional garage door opener brings the convenience of being able to open the garage door when needed. It is important to get it fixed before the problem develops further.

3. Something Blocks the Door

Another possible issue you are bound to face with your garage door is that it might fail to open or close. This could be a result of something blocking the door.

One of the causes of a blocked garage door is snow and ice. During winter, ice snow may build up around your garage door making it hard to open.

There could also be mud build-up that blocks your door. This will prevent your door from opening easily. There could also be debris or other things in the garage or outside that could be blocking the door.

It is important to undertake regular maintenance and cleaning of your garage including the door to clear the door from being blocked.

4. Faulty Garage Door Sensors

The modern automatic garage door is usually fitted with safety sensors. The garage door is able to function effectively and safely as a result of sensors that are installed.

The sensors are important safety features that will protect your family members and other valuables from being crushed by the door.

I assume you have already heard of stories and tales of faulty garage doors that crashed pets and even worse younger children in the house. This goes to show that you should consider having urgent garage doors repairs.

This will reduce the risk of accidents caused by the garage door knocking or crushing valuables such as your car or even family members.

5. Faulty Garage Door Springs

Extension springs or torsion springs are usually connected to the cable and pulleys which are used to control the opening and closing of the garage door.

These springs are useful and make the running of the door efficient. However, they are prone to wear and tear. This is because of the constant pressure that they face.

In order to detect worn-out garage door springs, you will start to notice that the door feels heavier when you open it manually. When you realize this, you should get a technician to fix this.

6. Damaged Garage Door Tracks

There are also tracks that help on carrying the door down. These tracks can bent or be damaged and as a result, the door will not close properly. This will be an issue that will lead to a hard time operating the door.

In case you have damaged door tracks, urgent garage door repairs should be provided by a qualified professional.

7. Broken Parts

Another issue that you are bound to face is the issue of having broken parts on the door. Garage doors are made of different components and materials.

Some of the materials used include glass. Most people have a  small basketball with a ring above the garage door on their driveway.

When playing with baseball or basketball, the parts of the garage door made of glass could break. These parts can break making the operation of the door hard.


In conclusion, the garage door is one of the most important parts of your garage. The convenience of operating the door can however face several issues as discussed above.

It is recommended that the garage door should be regularly maintained so as to deal with the issues that may arise.

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