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The Essential Plumbing Services a Plumber Provides: Lesser-Known Services

When comparing a house to the human body, the plumbing is the metaphorical circulatory system of the home.

A working plumbing network is probably the most necessary component for a home, mainly because a plumbing problem could lead to more dangerous health conditions.

For example, leaking pipes could lead to fungal growth like the infamous mold that leads to lung infections.

While leaking pipes, burst pipes, clogged drains, etc., are some well-known services a plumber provides.

But a plumber offers more than just repair and maintenance services, for example, TMV Plumbing.

image - The Essential Plumbing Services a Plumber Provides: Lesser-Known Services
The Essential Plumbing Services a Plumber Provides: Lesser-Known Services

Useful Upgrades Around the House

Plumbing technology is at new heights today with more advanced plumbing options.

Ranging from touchless taps to multiple-setting showers, people have a more comprehensive array of options to upgrade their home plumbing.

Pipe Relining Services

Pipe relining refers to laying new lining inside water pipes to ensure they last longer.

Water erodes any material over time as it continuously flows over its surface. A pipelining helps minimize the eroding effect of water.

This feature is useful for underground pipes, which are most common in older buildings.

Underground lines are harder to repair, and thus maintaining them in prime condition is necessary.

Plumbers can also relay the lining with minimal digging, maintaining the appearance of the property.

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TMV Plumbing

TMV refers to Thermostatic Mixing Valve. This valve is responsible for ensuring that the water is constantly at bearable or tepid temperatures.

It is essential for homes or buildings with kids and aged people. Their skin is more sensitive to heat and cold and can get burnt easily.

TMV mixes water from two outlets before letting it out of the tap. One outlet pours hot water, and the other one pours out cold water.

This water gets mixed to even temperatures before reaching the tap, ensuring its hygiene.

The TMV also has a safety feature that shuts off the water if one outlet doesn’t have water flow.

This feature is especially helpful, as it lessens the chances of accidents. For example, if the water is scalding hot, people might jerk backward with force leading to injuries besides the scalding.

But it is also essential to have annual checks on this mechanism to ensure it is in proper working condition.

Relaying Pipes

Older buildings tend to have complex plumbing systems, which get harder to maintain and repair over time.

Plumbers can help relay these pipes in more accessible places with a more resilient material.

Relaying of pipelines also helps people do better landscaping for their property.

For example, a common problem is root encroachment into underground pipes.

Tree roots can stop water from flowing and increase the pressure, eventually leading to pipe bursts.

Or it can also cause clogged drains. Relaying plumbing helps minimize such instances and also makes their maintenance and repair more effortless.

Inspection and Maintenance Checks

Plumbing networks for both residential and commercial buildings require regular inspections to keep them in top working order.

Plumbing inspection methods have come a long way over the years. These methods no longer require the digging of the property to inspect underground pipes.

Today, plumbing contractors like Watertight use CCTV cameras to detect any possible malfunctions in the plumbing, if any.

Traditionally, digging up the plumbing network amounted to a hefty sum. Building owners had to pay to dig up and refill the holes, which is no longer a part of the cost.

It is of primary significance that people conduct regular checks on their plumbing to avoid plumbing problems.

Ranging from basic plumbing like faucets to hi-fi mechanisms like TMV plumbing require at least annual checks to increase their longevity and maintain the utmost hygiene.