Windows are a much more vital piece of your home than many may realize. While modern windows are constructed out of high-quality, clear, insulated glass and have durable and attractive frames, windows actually date back to the early human civilizations.

That’s how long we’ve held them as important pieces of our shelters. Of course, windows aren’t indestructible. The frames chip and rot away.

The glass can stain and crack. There comes a time when things have to be replaced.

There are a couple of ways you can go here. When you find the right local company like, you can go with a glass replacement or a full window replacement. But what’s the difference?

image -  Window Replacement vs Glass Replacement: What's the Difference?

Window Replacement vs Glass Replacement: What’s the Difference?

Glass Replacement

This isn’t hard to figure out, of course. We just want to speak about the differences between the two methods.

So, first up, replacing the glass panes is basically when the window frame is deconstructed, the old glass is removed, and the new glass is put in.

Then, the frame is built back up around the new glass. The good thing here is that you can go with a much better glass that insulates better and is much stronger and even clearer than before.

Full Assembly Replacement

Unlike the pane replacement, a full window replacement is just what the term suggests: You’re replacing the entire window frame, which includes all the different panes (or the illusion of panes), and most modern window assemblies also give you brand new sills and aprons and stools, which is a dream for people who have damaged window frames in their homes or frames that need to be painted.

Basically, the entire window assembly is removed, and a new one is put in. This is actually a more beneficial way to go, which we will explain below.

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3 Reasons to go with a Full Replacement

The Job is Quicker

There are many different parts to a window, including the frame, head, sash, grilles, rails, and more.

This is why we refer to the entire window as the “assembly.” Though when speaking specifically of glass pane replacement, you have to remove the rail, the sash, the grilles, and more, replace the glass, and then put everything back together.

Sliding a new complete assembly into place is much quicker. It’s far less labor-intensive, and everything is perfectly symmetrical and seamless, just like it rolled out of the factory.

The Job is Quicker

The Job is More Permanent

The issue with only going with a glass replacement is that every other part of your window assembly is still old. What caused that glass to go bad in the first place? Sometimes it’s because of the framing; the frames won’t allow the glass to sit properly and can cause damage.

This can be a much larger problem with a rotting window frame you can’t see, which is going to bring about drafts in the home and other serious issues.

Not everyone wants a full replacement, though it might be what you need in the home.

It Saves you Money

Yes, a full window assembly replacement can actually save you money. A lot of people might read that and not believe it, and that’s no fault of their own.

The full assembly is going to cost more than just the glass, to be sure, but we’re speaking about the years to come.

New windows create far better insulation for the home, which means using less fuel and electricity to heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer.

You will be paying far less for utilities, which means those windows will pay for themselves. You don’t get this benefit by just going with the glass replacement.

Many people dread the thought of needing their windows replaced. They assume it’s going to be a difficult job that costs a fortune.

Luckily for people who decide to go through with the replacement, they find that these things aren’t true.

The professionals can slide new windows in very quickly, and the price isn’t anywhere close to remodeling other areas of the home.

When it comes time to deal with those windows, a replacement might just be your best bet.