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5 Things to Know Before Getting an Energy Saving Window Replacement

There are many different types of windows you can install on your home. But only an energy-saving window will actually save you money each and every month, for as long as you live in your home.

In the heat of summer, energy-saving windows keep cold air in and hot air out, keeping your home cool. In the winter, they help your home stay warm.

image - 5 Things to Know Before Getting an Energy Saving Window Replacement
5 Things to Know Before Getting an Energy Saving Window Replacement

If you need to install new, modern windows at your home anyway, choosing energy-efficient windows is an excellent investment.

Not only will you reap the reward in energy savings, but you may also experience other benefits.

Want to know why you should consider energy-saving windows? Keep reading for five important factors.

1. Yes, You Will Save a lot of Money

When it comes to saving energy at your home, few things are more important than windows. Windows are vital to your home as they allow light and air into your home, when wanted, of course.

They also allow for escape in the event of a fire or another emergency and are required by law.

The Problem with Outdated Windows

Old, poorly performing windows are a weakness in your home’s line of defense. In the summer, inefficient windows will let your cold air out, while at the same time allowing hot air in.

On top of that, sunlight will penetrate more easily through your windows, allowing additional heat in.

This means your home will have a very hard time maintaining the internal temperature. So your air conditioner and heater will be working constantly in order to try reaching the set temperature.

But once it does, the temperature will quickly change, so your units kick on again.

This never-ending cycle will cost you a ton of money on electricity and gas costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Benefits of Energy Saving Windows

By installing efficient windows, specifically designed to insulate and protect your home from the air outside, you can start saving money right away. Modern windows installed by a professional will prevent air leaks around the window.

The best types of windows contain multi-pane glass and are layered with coatings to reflect unwanted heat away from your home, which will prevent the outside air from getting into your home.

This means that your house can more easily maintain its internal temperature, giving your precious AC and heating units a well-deserved break.

This translates to dollars in your pocket as your energy bills are going to decrease immediately after installation.

If you want to compound these savings, consider adding window treatments, light-blocking curtains, improved insulation around your home, and new exterior doors.

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2. Additional Savings

Not only can new windows boost your cash flow by lowering your energy bills, but they can earn you extra money in other ways, too. Here are two other ways you can see some extra cash headed your way.

Tax Credits

For one, installing certified, energy-efficient windows might qualify you for tax rebates next time you file your taxes.

The national government, along with local municipalities, are always incentivizing homeowners to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes.

This helps to ease the strain put on power companies, particularly during peak seasons, such as winter and summer.

If more homeowners would make these upgrades, such as energy-saving windows, a new roof, solar panels, and other upgrades, less power would be needed on a regular basis.

This could lower our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, lowering carbon emissions, and ultimately saving the environment.

So as an incentive from Uncle Sam, you might see some serious savings on your next tax return by making the upgrade.

On the national level, you may up to 10% back on the cost of your new, energy star certified windows, thanks to the residential energy property credit.

Boost Home Value

Upgrading your windows can also improve the value of your home. So if you plan to sell in the future, upgrading your windows is the perfect way to start saving money now, while also ensuring a boost in your home’s sale price in the future.

Homebuyers are generally willing to pay more for a home with energy-efficient upgrades. Plus, houses with newer windows are going to sell faster than houses with old, outdated windows.

3. A More Comfortable Home

With energy-efficient windows, your home is going to maintain its internal temperature. That means you can set your thermostat to a specific temperature, and your home can actually keep it at that temperature.

As simple as this concept is, it’s not the norm in older homes, where many people in the Midwest and the Northeast can attest.

When your home can actually remain at the desired temperature, your home will feel much more comfortable.

The temperature won’t be rising and falling, so you can dress for one temperature instead of always adding or removing layers.

Plus, having upgraded windows on every floor of your home can help each floor regulate temperature better so that one floor is dramatically warmer than another.

On top of the temperature, a stable internal temperature means that your AC and heater won’t always be running.

This means your home will be quieter, and you won’t have to constantly hear the hum or your HVAC equipment.

4. Professional Installation Is Critical

Yes, any homeowners can drive down to their local hardware store or window dealer and purchase energy-saving windows on their own. If they are handy, they can probably install all of them themselves.

But it’s not a good idea to try. You might think you are saving money by doing so, but you could actually be doing more harm than good.

For one, installing windows takes time. Most single-family homes have at least 20 windows. If you’ve never installed a window before, you can expect this project to take weeks, if you are doing it in your spare time after work.

On top of that, you’re going to need plenty of supplies and tools to make installation possible, which also costs money.

Plus, you’re going to need a place to dump all of your old windows. They don’t exactly fit in your trash bin, nor should you try putting them in there.

Hiring a professional team to install your windows is absolutely worth the cost. When you do this, you will be assured that your windows are installed perfectly so that they can perform the way they were meant to.

That means energy savings and increased comfort in your home. Plus, if you want the security of a warranty on your windows, then they need to be installed by a professional.

Also, if you want the tax credits, professional installation is required. Check out Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement to get the job done right the first time.

5. Design Matters When It Comes to an Energy Saving Window

When choosing an energy-efficient window, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. In fact, these types of windows often look better than standard windows.

You’ll still have plenty of options when it comes time to select a window for your home. You can choose to have grids inside the window or outside the glass.

You can also choose between different materials. Vinyl is the most common for newer windows, but wood is also often used. Fiberglass is generally more expensive but can provide additional benefits.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to find energy-efficient windows that match your home and create a cohesive design.

Other Benefits of New Windows

That’s not all. There are tons of other benefits of installing energy-efficient windows. While the above tips are things you need to know, these are the icing on the cake.

Boost Curb Appeal

Brand new windows can breathe new life into your home, literally. They will look amazing from both inside and outside of your house.

This added curb appeal can help your home keep up with other homes on your street. Plus, you’ll feel much better during your house each day seeing clean, new windows decorating your home.

Increase Security

Not only can windows be a weak point when it comes to energy loss, but older windows can also lead to security issues. When it comes to home break-ins, most thieves will try using the door.

If that’s not working for them, they’ll check to see if windows are either unlocked or easy to break into.

But brand new windows can bolster your home’s security, helping to deter thieves from entering your home.

Noise Buffering

When windows prevent excess air from getting into your home, they also prevent excess noise, as well. Street noise can be incredibly irritating, particularly when you live near busy roads.

Low-quality windows are the biggest reason you can hear street noise from your home. If you’d rather not hear every motorcycle or car horn in the neighborhood, upgrading your windows definitely helps.

Efficient Windows for the Win

The most important thing you need to know about upgrading to an energy-saving window at home is that they are worth it. They save energy, saving you money.

They also save you frustration and make your home much more enjoyable to live in. The biggest question to ask yourself is why you haven’t already upgraded.

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