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How is Solar Energy Converted into Electricity?

Solar power is considered one of the cleanest and most reliable forms of renewable energy. Because of this, it can be used in multiple ways to power your home or business.

PV or solar-powered photovoltaic panels are used for converting the sun’s energy to usable electricity.

This is done by activating the electrons in the cells.  The light produced by the sun starts this reaction.

image - How is Solar Energy Converted into Electricity?
How is Solar Energy Converted into Electricity?

When this occurs, electricity is used as a supply of renewable energy.

Do you want to learn more details about this process? If so, keep reading to learn how is solar energy converted into electricity.

The Sun’s Rays Activate Solar Panels

Every solar panel is made with a layer of silicon cells, a glass casing with a special film, wiring, and a metal frame.

To achieve the maximum effects, solar panels are installed in “arrays.” This is an ordered series.

Once grouped in the array, they are placed on the roof of your home or building or in a larger outdoor area.

Knowing the questions to ask your solar company will help ensure that your panels are grouped properly for superior solar power production.

During the daylight hours, the solar cells (photovoltaic cells) will absorb sunlight.

Electrical Current Production

Every solar cell has a thin semiconductor wafer. This is made of two silicon layers.

One of the layers has a positive charge and the other a negative charge, which creates an electric field. When the sun’s light energy strikes the photovoltaic solar cell, the cell is energized.

This process results in the loosening of electrons from the atoms present in the semiconductor wafer. The motion of the electrons is what creates the electrical current in the panel.

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Conversion to Electrical Energy

The electricity generated by a solar panel is DC or direct current electricity. This is not what is used in most homes or businesses.

The good news is that it is fairly simple to convert DC to AC electricity. Usually, an inverter is integrated into your solar system to make this conversion possible.

Providing Power to Your Home or Business

After solar energy is converted from DC to AC power, it will move through the electrical panel and sent throughout your home or business to power anything that requires power to run.

It works the same way that electrical power generated through the grid does.

This means you don’t have to change any of the electrical components in your home.

Now You Know the Answer to How Is Solar Energy Converted into Electricity?

If you have ever wondered how is solar energy converted into electricity, the information above should provide you with a pretty good overview.

If you have been considering solar panels, now may be a good time to make this investment.

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