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Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Aluminium Windows

If you’re building or renovating a home, you’ll find that aluminum windows in Melbourne are a very popular choice. The reason for this is simple they tick all the right boxes.

Aluminum is strong, durable, and incredibly versatile, plus it comes in a variety of colors and is even energy-efficient.

There are a number of things that you should know before making a purchase, starting with the difference between the various types of windows that are available.

image - Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Aluminium Windows
Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Aluminium Windows

Available Styles

  • Sliding

    This is the most popular choice as the window tracks are easy to clean; seal out dust, drafts, and water; allow ventilation without compromising security, and can be fitted with flyscreens that offer premium safety performance.

  • Multi-Stack

    These windows work in layers and are ‘stacked’ when opened. The panels interlock when sliding, with one panel pulling the next along.

They are cost-effective, stack slim (so they don’t stick out when open), and either come with flyscreens or these can be fitted later.

  • Bifold

    These windows work like an accordian and are top hung, so be sure to consider your house and the level of support if this is the option you’re interested in.

They can open up a room as much as 90%, giving the illusion of a much larger room and a seamless flow between spaces.

  • Double Hung

    A great option when space is an issue, these aluminum windows bring an uncluttered design and feel to the home.

They also offer great ventilation, offer good security, integrate well with flyscreens, and come fitted with easy-to-operate sash balances.

  • Awning

    Hinged a the top and from the outside, these aluminum windows are designed to open outwards.

They’re great in wet weather and tend to be located higher up the wall (as is typical in kitchens and bathrooms; they’re more for ventilation than taking in the view).

  • Louvre

    These are windows with parallel, horizontal glass slats, which can be adjusted to regulate airflow and light flow.

As such, they’re an excellent choice for hot climates. They can open up twice as much as standard styles and are easy to adjust.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Another factor that tends to be instrumental in making a decision is its visual appearance. The great thing about aluminum is that it can be manufactured to suit your specific needs.

No matter the style of your home, you’ll be able to purchase a window in any shape, color, or size you can imagine.

Ease of Maintenance

Many homeowners are delighted to learn that this material is relatively maintenance-free.

Not only is aluminum resistant to corrosion, but it’s also able to hold its own when faced with severe environmental conditions (including heavy wind and even hail).

High Performing

Aluminum also offers a number of practical advantages. It’s an excellent insulator against both sound and thermal pollution.

In fact, it outperforms both PVC and timber by a considerable amount. Several studies have shown that these windows can alter your heat loss/gain by as much as 60%.


If you’ve taken a look at the options available, the higher-end choices may have given you some sticker shock. Aluminum is actually a very affordable material, which means that these frames will look like a million dollars without the million-dollar price tag.

Want to know how much it’ll cost to have aluminium windows in Melbourne installed? Get in touch with the helpful team at Nuline Windows we have decades of experience installing in homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles, and would be delighted to help you give your home that modern look you desire.

With all the benefits that aluminum offers over more traditional materials (like timber), this is a decision that you are sure not to regret.

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