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4 Exterior House Design Ideas That Are Worth the Money

Did you know that a survey conducted by Trulia found that 90% of homeowners plan to remodel their homes at some point?

People often push aside their home improvement plans, opting for more immediate rewards like vacations or car upgrades.

However, investing in home improvements can give you more payoff in the long run. After all, you spend the majority of your free time at home—not on vacation.

image - 4 Exterior House Design Ideas That Are Worth the Money
4 Exterior House Design Ideas That Are Worth the Money

If you’re tired of basic siding, you may be searching for the perfect exterior house design ideas. But how can you find the perfect design to suit your home’s style?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below to discover amazing exterior design ideas for small houses and large houses alike!

1. French Chateau

If you’re a fan of French architecture, a French chateau-inspired exterior is a perfect way to add that Western European flair to your home. This is a simple house exterior design that still offers elegance and charm.

This exterior style often features sloped roofs, stucco siding, and an abundance of multi-paned windows.

If you love creeping ivy and other crawling plants, this exterior provides the perfect climbing base. French-styling is great for farmhouses that want to add a little more intrigue to their traditional design.

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2. Bump-Out Additions

If you don’t want to completely remodel your home’s exterior, consider adding a unique hovering addition. Bump-out additions add dimension to your home and give you a great lookout point.

If you’re looking for contemporary exterior house design ideas, this certainly fits the bill. It also offers up the perfect opportunity to add a stunning bay window to your home.

If you want to create a lofty office space or guest room, a bump-out addition exterior remodeling plan is the way to go.

3. Mexican-Style

Mexican-style exteriors are perfect for homes in warm-weather climates. This style is extremely versatile and can be modified for both traditional and contemporary exterior house design ideas.

Mexican-style exterior designs give off inviting vibes and are perfect for both single and double-level homes. If you like arched doorways and windows and want to emphasize your windows, this is the perfect exterior to opt for.

4. Cabin-esque

Want to come home to a cozy, inviting home? Give your exterior a cabin-esque makeover. This style is best applied to small house exterior design plans, especially for homes tucked away in groves or forests.

However, it can even make for an attractive and refreshing change among a row of traditional townhouses in urban areas.

A cabin-esque exterior design is exactly what it sounds like—an exterior design that incorporates natural wood siding, rustic elements, and ample windows to take in all that nature has to offer from the comfort of your living room.

Discover the Best Exterior House Design Ideas for Your Space

Everyone should be able to enjoy spending time in their home. The investments you make in your home can really affect the level of comfort in your home.

The guide above is chock full of exterior house design ideas to inspire your next project. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on revamping your home’s exterior today!

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