Do you need to sell your old house quickly? No one wants their property sitting on the market for too long. The more days it stays listed, the harder it’s going to be to get an offer meeting your expectations.

image - What Is the Fastest Way to Sell a House? The Common Options Explained

What Is the Fastest Way to Sell a House? The Common Options Explained

But what is the fastest way to sell a house without taking a loss on the property and spending a fortune? Fortunately, you have other options available to you when you need to get rid of your home quickly. Here are just some of them.

What Is the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

Selling your house quickly is possible no matter what situation you find yourself in. Whether it’s due to threats of foreclosure or you’re moving interstate for a new job, there are several options that can help you get the outcome you need.

Use the Best Real Estate Agent

It seems obvious, but the type of realtor you use will make a difference in how quickly you’ll sell a house. You don’t want an agent who will simply list it and wait for the phone to ring.

Find out the details around their strategy and how they’re going to take it off your hands.

One trick is to look for estate agents that have been in business for a while. Over the years, they have not only learned how to sell a house fast but also developed many relationships with potential customers that are always looking for their next property.

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Consider a Short Sale

If the reason you’re selling a house is to fend off foreclosure or eviction, then you might be able to ask the bank for a short sale.

This option does rely on the debt being greater than the home’s value, and if you have more than one mortgage, all of the lenders will need to agree to this tactic.

Your chances of opting for this method are higher if you only have one mortgage. However, no matter how many banks you’re dealing with, you’ll need to go in and meet them face to face to make this arrangement.

Sell to a Wholesaler

If you’ve ever seen a sign advertising “we buy houses with cash,” then you should know that it’s not a scam and is actually one of the best ways to sell your house. These providers will put your home under a contract and then sell it to a cash buyer.

It doesn’t require a real estate agent and doesn’t come with additional costs such as commission fees and closing costs. They will even handle the repairs for any damage that might exist.

You should also see realtors wholesaling houses if these groups of people can be able to buy or sell houses in their own interests.

Need Help Getting Your House Ready for the Market?

When it comes to the fastest way to sell a house, there are several methods that can help achieve this no matter what your individual situation might be.

Whether it’s using a premium real estate service or selling to a wholesaler for cash, it’s possible to get the outcome you need to move on with your life.

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