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Finding the Best Gutter Guards for Your Home

Did you know that it costs up to $250 to have the gutters of your average house cleaned? If your house is above average the price continues to rise.

If you are looking to cut down the time that you spend on maintenance or the amount of money you spend keeping your gutters clean, then you may want to try gutter guards.

Gutter Guard is the most straightforward method to guarantee your home’s safety. Bushfire season is peak time for built-ups, and dry leaves and twigs are ideal kindling. Clogged gutters are both a problem when it’s dry and wet. If water isn’t flowing freely down your gutters, the accumulation can cause roof damage, localized flooding, or even break the gutter itself.

image - Finding the Best Gutter Guards for Your Home
Finding the Best Gutter Guards for Your Home

What are they? and how can you choose the best gutter guards for your house? Why not read on to find out?

What Are Gutter Guards?

Simply put, gutter guards are covers that fit over the top of your gutters. They keep debris out of your gutters thus allowing water to flow easily and efficiently.

They may be permeable or not according to the material they are made from. Often they are made from stainless steel, foam, or even plastic.

With so many types of gutter guard available, which one is the best for you house?

Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

If you are looking to keep almost all debris out of your gutters but still allow water to pass through, then this may be the type for you.

Micro-mesh guards are generally known as the best gutter leaf guard, however, they are also the most expensive.

This is because they are made of hard-wearing stainless steel. This material often comes with a guarantee.

If you are looking for high protection for a long period of time, then micromesh may be the best option for you.

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Reverse Curve or Surface Tension Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter guards are amongst the oldest types of guards. They are designed to prevent leaves and other large items of debris from entering your gutter while directing rainwater in the direction you want.

Since they are connected to your roof structure, installation often requires that technicians come and lift the lowest row of shingles.

However, once they have fitted the guard it is hardwearing and effectively redirects water.

Since this requires a degree of workmanship to fit, do not expect that installation will be cheap. However, if you are looking for a method of protecting your gutters that have been trusted for hundreds of years, then this is for you.

Foam Gutter Guards

This is the best gutter guard system for keeping bugs out of your gutter. Foam gutter guards are made from porous materials that allow water to filter through them. However, they ensure that other materials cannot pass through.

Foam gutter guards are lightweight and relatively easy to install. This means that if you are familiar with good ladder safety practices, you may even be able to fit them yourself.

How to Choose the Best Gutter Guards and Much More

If you are looking to lower your maintenance work and keep your walls in good condition, knowing the best gutter guards can help you.

By applying the principles that we have discussed today you can choose the model to meet your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about subjects like this, then we are here to help.

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